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  Monthly Scenery by ILoveJoe
Posted by: ILoveJoe - 01-28-2017, 09:25 PM - Forum: Seasonal Scenery - Monthly Photos - Replies (4)

So I'll try to post a monthly photo.
This is the view from the side door through the grape arbor.

[Image: IMG_2947.jpg][/URL]

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  Helmet Questions
Posted by: PaintGal - 01-28-2017, 04:10 PM - Forum: General Information - Replies (9)

It's time for a new helmet. My newest one is probably 8 years old or older and I noticed some of the plastic pieces that hold it together are starting to tear. I have the Troxel Sierra and many times forget I have it on so will probably buy that one again but wanted opinions on the Cheyenne model.

Is there anything different about the design or materials used that make it $50 better than the Sierra? I love the way it looks but I don't see it on top of my head and I'm not concerned about what others think.[Wink]

Here is the Sierra:

[Image: Sierra_Tan_1024x1024.png?v=1483569981]

This is the Cheyenne:

[Image: cheyenne-regular-buckle_1024x1024.png?v=1476804903]

I see that HorseSaddleShop has the Sierra but didn't see the Cheyenne model.

and for those that don't wear helmets...

This guy was not wearing a helmet when he parted ways with his horse just a couple of weeks ago. He was hospitalized overnight but fortunately does not appear to have serious injuries. Look at that bump on his head! I don't know the details of what happened to cause the unscheduled dismount.

[Image: received_10208496707716995_zpsesglecpg.jpeg]

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  More Trail Pics
Posted by: PaintGal - 01-26-2017, 02:41 AM - Forum: Trails - Replies (5)

We had another great ride today and saw something we've been missing for a long time.. THE SUN! The forecast called for highs near 60 and for once they got the temp right. It was almost too warm for the horses and their winter coats.

Three of us rode today.

[Image: GOPR9625_zpsgjinjh8g.jpg]

Susan and Sparky gittin 'er done!

[Image: GOPR9668_zpsntzmt9q1.jpg]

Taking advantage of the creek:

[Image: GOPR9813_zpscevss76r.jpg]

[Image: GOPR9815_zpsrawc3iyb.jpg]

Lots of hills!

[Image: GOPR9851_zpsveuxlgal.jpg]

[Image: GOPR9853_zpsarpzil0q.jpg]

Sparky gets a cookie!

[Image: GOPR9938_zps6duvz86q.jpg]

Finally patches of blue sky and the SUN!

[Image: GOPR0088_zpstq5wxgs2.jpg]

Wanda and Willy look good in the sunlight!

[Image: GOPR0059_zpsayjwcz51.jpg]

There was even a sun ray on our way back.

[Image: GOPR0183_zpswd1ojfap.jpg]

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  Guy McClean
Posted by: ILoveJoe - 01-26-2017, 02:32 AM - Forum: Saddle Shop Corral - Replies (1)

I saw this guy at the Equine Affaire a few years ago and really enjoyed his show.
This is a video from part of it showing his wonderful horses and his awesome horse Spinabbey.


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  Equine Affaire 2017 Columbus Ohio
Posted by: ILoveJoe - 01-24-2017, 01:15 AM - Forum: General Information - Replies (8)

Anyone going?

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  Subscribe Option
Posted by: PaintGal - 01-19-2017, 04:06 PM - Forum: General Information - No Replies

For those that don't check DE everyday (who is that anyway??) there is a "subscribe" option that one can use to get updates of new topics within a forum. One can also subscribe to their post by clicking "check here to subscribe to this topic" below the text box.

Remember, the more posts, the more replies to those posts and the more active the forum is, the better chance of attracting new members and growing DE.

Y'all know how I feel about FB & DE. [Wink]

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  Chilly Ride...
Posted by: PaintGal - 01-19-2017, 03:45 PM - Forum: Trails - Replies (1)

The best day of the week, they said. No rain, they said, Sun, they said. Highs in the low 50s, they said. THEY WERE WRONG! But we had another great ride!

The temp wasn't that much colder than Monday and we wore pretty much the same layers but the cold just seeped in and we were both feeling it. We'd had another night of rain too so it was a bit wet, although, the trails weren't in bad shape (probably because most people have more sense than we do and don't ride!).

You'd think for the amount of bridle tags, DNR could do a better job of keeping the trails cleared. This tree has been down since mid summer. There is huge tree down just before this one that is too big to step over except in one place that has broken branches ready to stab a leg and for added excitement; a large widow maker hanging exactly where it would crush someone going over that one place! It's been down for over a year.

[Image: GOPR8551_zpsef2xqtwn.jpg]

Riding this time of year gives views that aren't available when the leaves are on. On clear days we can see the power plant stacks at Madison which is almost 30 miles away.

[Image: GOPR8598_zpsinpg4apm.jpg]

The last several years have been hard on trees. Between the ice storms, tornados, high winds, droughts, floods, and probably the most damaging...bugs, there are hundreds of trees down. These have fallen and were not part of logging.

[Image: GOPR8660_zps81c1qn1b.jpg]

The boys were thirsty! The creek came in handy.

[Image: GOPR8710_zpsg2gyrqqf.jpg]

[Image: GOPR8713_zpskgj7ciud.jpg]

Airing it out a bit!

[Image: GOPR9067_zpsawnzbupq.jpg]

Our route takes us past "Pekin Saddle Club" and this is their arena. It's not as popular as it once was but members have campsites that they fix up the way they want to. Some have corrals, some have sort of stalls, some have hitching posts, some have high lines and steps and picnic tables. There are a LOT of sites but not a lot of people using them now.

[Image: GOPR9100_zpsf2oyd5x5.jpg]

This is STEEP!! The ground was soft and we pretty much slid down on butts!

[Image: GOPR9129_zpsodiijxu7.jpg]

Of course, at the bottom is a creek:

[Image: GOPR9197_zps8dhdlllx.jpg]

And then we climb again!

[Image: GOPR9133_zpscqfe9rvv.jpg]

Fun ride even though it was a cold gloomy day. Saddle time improves any day!

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  First Ride of 2017!
Posted by: PaintGal - 01-17-2017, 12:56 AM - Forum: Trails - Replies (4)

We've had a lot of rain but we had a few hours of no rain today so decided to get this year's rides started!

Because of the rain, we thought we'd play it safe and just stay on the gravel trails. See...we actually were on a gravel trail...

[Image: GOPR7556_zpsru1r8fmx.jpg]

Bo is asking Sparky if he thinks we'll really stay on a gravel trail:

[Image: GOPR7642_zps6jmyhm98.jpg]

I've learned that for some reason when Susan points, we lose the trail! She has ridden this area for years and has made a lot of side trails that a few know of and ride...."so you drop down into the holler then find the trail just after you wade the creek and climb the ridge then drop off the ledge and slide to the bottom then you're below the next ridge and then you have to climb...."

[Image: GOPR7649_zpsyztfvlgy.jpg]

And it didn't take long today to wander off the gravel:

[Image: GOPR8002_zpsuu6c0shg.jpg]

[Image: GOPR7813_zpsd6sqpp4m.jpg]

The creeks are running full!

[Image: GOPR7881_zps8vuxui6k.jpg]

Powering up the hill:

[Image: GOPR8073_zps98gcgbwu.jpg]

We finally got to our destination which was the "cemetery" which is just beyond the gate. These ponies remind me of our boxers. Anytime a wrapper rattles, a nose appears!

[Image: GOPR8119_zpsacjm7vyj.jpg]

This was a real test but I'm not sure who she was testing. Me or Sparky! It was a struggle but I beat down the little voice that said "GO" so neither Sparky or Bo took off.

[Image: GOPR8245_zpswabiu09k.jpg]

This is some rough country! While we don't have the elevation or size of real mountains, our little "hills" have some pretty dag gone steep grades. The drop off is real!

[Image: GOPR8412_zpsmslxamcn.jpg]

The barn is in sight:

[Image: GOPR8487_zpszortinzl.jpg]

It never did really rain although we hit a few drops shortly before we got back but it was damp and squishy.

Hope to ride again on Wed!

I can't be the only one riding. I hope someone else will post some pics!

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  What an Amazing Team!
Posted by: PaintGal - 01-16-2017, 02:23 AM - Forum: Saddle Shop Corral - No Replies

This vid has been circulating on that dastardly Facebook but it's worthy of sharing here.

The horse is spectacular and this gal sticks like a burr to him.

Click the link below to view it. You'll be amazed.


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  Outback Oilskin Duster and Hood
Posted by: PaintGal - 01-15-2017, 12:48 AM - Forum: General Information - Replies (6)

I've loved the look of the duster for ages! I finally decided to get one and went ahead and ordered the hood with to go with it. Here is the duster:

[Image: 2042-BLK-LG_1-B.jpg?fv=7417CDDAB450791AC...8D16-22979]

and here is the hood:

[Image: 2003-BLK-LG_1-B.jpg?fv=1BABE3A7A28CD6D7B...B6BD-31681]

Now, one would think that the hood and duster would come so they snap together but NOOOO. They send additional snaps that are supposed to be added. The storm cape attaches with snaps but the hood doesn't line up with those snaps and you can't use both on the same snaps.

The hood is supposed to be big enough to fit a helmet and it does fit mine but the only way to attach the hood to the duster so it does is to put the snaps on the outside edge of the collar.

Does anyone here have one or know someone who does? I'd love to know where the snaps were added.

On a side note... this duster is AWESOME! It's heavy but unless you want to get wet, you aren't going to when wearing this thing. I just wish the duster had the snaps already in place so the hood can attach. I cringe at the thought of poking holes in it!

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