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  What are some of your favorite Supplements?
Posted by: barrelracer1163 - 04-24-2017, 02:32 PM - Forum: Grooming and Health - No Replies

Just this year I started feeding my horses Mira-Coat and I love the results! Shedding has been cut in half! Both of my horses are all shedded out with little to no brushing! Not to meantion shiny coats that look like they have just been bathed! [Big Grin]

<b>What are some of your favorite supplements?</b>

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  Goin' to Phoenix; What to Visit
Posted by: Red Hawk - 04-22-2017, 08:16 PM - Forum: Saddle Shop Corral - Replies (2)

I'm sure my mom will have all kinds of suggestions on where we might go during my visit with her. I'll be going by myself while my husband keeps care of things here at home (I tried to talk him into tagging along, but he refused.). I'm leaving on May 6th by air and will be back on May 11th. I've never been out to that part of the country before, and Mom's talking about maybe doing a couple of all day bus tours.

Anyway, Mom lives in Sun City. My stay will allow me four full days to explore the area, and Mom is already acting like a kid waiting for Christmas. After my step-dad died about two years ago, she isn't going to be coming my way (IN) anymore. After all she's 85 years old, and I don't blame her. This might be the last time I'll be able to spend time with her outside of talking with her on the phone.

She already knows I'd like to visit Indian cliffs dwellings, and I have no idea what's in the area, but she says there's several to choose from. All-in-all, Mom will be my guide regardless where we go. (She's already said she'll navigate while I drive.), and I'm sure she'll show me a good time.

And yes, I intend to take my camera and a couple of flutes along. I'd go bonkers not having a flute with me for 6 whole days [Big Grin][Big Grin].


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  Lets see Pictures of Your Horses!
Posted by: barrelracer1163 - 04-20-2017, 03:36 PM - Forum: Horse Appraisal and Conformation - No Replies

Here are pictures of my two horses.

The first one is my 2014 Bay Roan Quarter Horse Mare Dudes Miss Kongo (Lacy for short)
The second Horse is my 2001 Buckskin Quarter Horse Mare Pine Diamond Daisy (Dallas for short)

[Image: rachaelhorse.jpg] [Image: rachaelbarrelracing.jpg]

<b>NOW, Lets see YOUR horse photos! </b>

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  Horse Dental; Teeth Extraction
Posted by: barrelracer1163 - 04-19-2017, 06:00 PM - Forum: Grooming and Health - Replies (2)

My 2 coming 3 Year old Quarter Horse Mare got kicked in the face by the other horse causing her tooth to come loose and need pulled. I took her to the vet and had it pulled and THANKFULLY it was a baby tooth and she will have an adult tooth growing in! Have you ever had anything like this happen to you? Share your Dental Stories!

[Image: horsetooth.jpg]

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  Equi Groomer Shedding Tool!
Posted by: barrelracer1163 - 04-19-2017, 04:43 PM - Forum: Grooming and Health - Replies (2)

I love my Equi Groomer Shedding Tool for spring time shedding, Has anyone every tried to make their own?

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  Very Rugged Experienced Rider Trail!
Posted by: PaintGal - 04-09-2017, 02:54 PM - Forum: Trails - Replies (2)

I've been riding quite a bit but thought y'all were getting tired of the same pics of horse butts and trees so haven't posted for a while. We rode about 16 miles yesterday and did a loop that we did last fall. I think I probably posted pics of it then but here are more! Susan is riding Bo, Wanda is on Banchee and I'm riding Wanda's horse, Willy.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day and a Saturday so there were a lot of riders out. We met several on way out.

[Image: GOPR0744_zpsuro6rhp5.jpg]

[Image: GOPR0845_zpshzxosury.jpg]

[Image: GOPR0863_zpswgznnglt.jpg]

It was great to see so many enjoying their horses and the outdoors.

This sign just cracks me up! Green horses and green/scared riders or Flatlanders [Wink] might have problems because there is about 3/4 of a mile of steep rocky switchbacks. The elevation drops almost 175 feet in that distance.

[Image: GOPR1086_zpsctr1k3wp.jpg]

That's Susan in front of me and if you look to the right behind the pine trees, you can see part of Wanda & Banchee.

[Image: GOPR1141_zps6nz1fdu8.jpg]

Another switchback.

[Image: GOPR1150_zpslqfecvof.jpg]

Here is a short vid of that area:


Thank goodness the water is running! The ponies needed a drink after that. This is Wanda on Banchee. Banchee is a Kentucky Mountain Horse and is ... H.U.G.E. He has to be at least 16.2 hands and I bet he weighs close to 1500 lbs. He's a bit heavy but not by much. He's just BIG but such a sweetheart. Not a mean bone in him.

[Image: GOPR1178_zpss3mfrngg.jpg]

These are small but steep hills and if you are in water, there is only one way to get out and that is back up:

[Image: GOPR1424_zpssxjnreqx.jpg]

The good news is that most times when you get back down, there is more water! This pretty creek let us ride down it a way before it was blocked.

[Image: GOPR1490_zpsttyebzhh.jpg]

[Image: GOPR1506_zpsk4kzs2i2.jpg]

[Image: GOPR1487_zps7fgwoy2s.jpg]

We took a trail...legal even... that isn't used a lot (we found out why but it was still FUN!). Remember how big Banchee is? And Wanda is tall so they sometimes hit things that others don't. In this case they got tangled up in wild rose (hate that stuff) and Banchee had it stuck in his forelock, mane & shoulder. Wanda had thorns stuck in her leg. It was a lot of noise coming down and dragging after Banchee but he was great. Stood still and we got Wanda off then got him cleared.

[Image: GOPR1628_zpsnv8sbdri.jpg]

After the rose bush incident, the trail crossed the creek a couple of times and then we started climbing. The trail was passable but had eroded so there was a ditch down the middle in some areas. Willy slipped off the high part and landed on his knees and hip in the ditch and up against the other side. Fortunately, he got his balance, I stayed on and we didn't have lasting damage! It does go under the "Pucker File" though!

The shortest way home is back up that rocky steep trail which is what we did!

[Image: GOPR1885_zpshk2lwcl5.jpg]

We're almost back to Susan's barn!

[Image: 17546728_1511719025536731_34273720258866...pf8o0a.jpg]

It was a wonderful day and made more so by such wonderful friends and good horses. I am blessed.

Now...it's somebody else's turn!

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Posted by: PaintGal - 03-10-2017, 12:05 AM - Forum: Trails - Replies (2)

Looks like you have to endure more pics from me. I've been riding and have zillions of pics but hoped someone else would post pics too. Since no one has... you're stuck with pics from me again!

I'm riding a different horse for a few weeks since Susan's Sparky had to have some lumps removed from his back. They were sent to Purdue to be identified but we think they are Equine Collagenolytic Granulomas (thanks to Dr. Google). The results should be back next week. While Sparky is recovering, I'm riding one of Wanda's horses. This ride I'm on Willy! Wanda is riding Banchee and Susan is on Bo. Since we've had some rain and some trails would be pretty muddy, we mostly stayed on the wide gravel trail though the area that was hit with the tornado 5 years ago.

One of several trees across the trail and the easiest to navigate!

[Image: GOPR8746_zpshxhvbclm.jpg]

Banchee (on the left) is HUGE. He is over 16 hands and while a bit overweight, he's just BIG. He's a sweetheart though.

[Image: GOPR9167_zps9h60zl5a.jpg]

Puppers showed up and went part way with us! He's getting older and for some reason his people are keeping him locked up and feeding him way too much. When he escapes, he heads to Susan's!

[Image: GOPR8778_zpsyz8w7exv.jpg]

Riding through the damage done by that tornado is like being on another planet. It's sad to see the damage but new growth is evident so you know it'll be okay just not in our life time.

[Image: GOPR8788_zpsliockzpo.jpg]

One of the benefits of the devastation is the views that were opened up.

[Image: GOPR9406_zpsed9iyrn8.jpg]

Wanda got a pic of Susan on Bo and me on Willy!

[Image: 17191936_1472298606145440_13460776449053...mpst8o.jpg]


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  I GOT IT!!!
Posted by: PaintGal - 03-09-2017, 11:35 PM - Forum: General Information - Replies (2)

My Troxel Cheyenne helmet! Oh My Goodness, I love it! If you wear a brain bucket, this one is all that and more. It's comfy and the fit can be adjusted easily. The snap is easy once you figure it out. I was used to one you push in and it clicks to lock. This one slides in and is much easier...and it's PURTY!

Josh ordered it from Troxel and of course they were backordered. As soon as the HorseSaddleShop got it from Troxel, they shipped it to me. It was worth the wait!

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  2-15 Trail Pics
Posted by: PaintGal - 02-16-2017, 03:56 AM - Forum: Trails - Replies (2)

You know the saying "cuts like a knife". That was what the wind felt like today but was a another gorgeous day so what better way to spend it than in a saddle?

AND.....I have more pics of horse butts and trees!

[Image: GOPR3912_zpsspdxmrvu.jpg]

We stopped to let the ponies blow...

[Image: GOPR4109_zpsbmybugbx.jpg]

And Eagle Eye Wanda noticed a widow maker hanging over our heads! Did I mention it was windy?? We didn't stay there long.

[Image: GOPR4111_zps8dncvwqq.jpg]

This view to the east is so pretty, that I just had to post it again. This is the area that the F5 tornado flattened 5 years ago. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to ride it "pre-nader" but the gals say it was a beautiful area with huge hardwood stands and a trail that wove in and out and down and around rather than the big wide gravel trail that we're on now.

[Image: GOPR4248_zpskqeiabux.jpg]

From Wanda's view!

[Image: 16722786_1449016258473675_52208540292312...byh3pg.jpg]

My shadow stuck close.

[Image: GOPR4303_zpsxpryk8n9.jpg]

Climbing to the top!

[Image: GOPR4682_zpsa2wvf88w.jpg]

And we made it..

[Image: 16707227_1449016265140341_84264714135750...p1azzq.jpg]

The best view is from the saddle!

[Image: GOPR4703_zpsmiqzg1hs.jpg]

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  What the Heck is That?
Posted by: Red Hawk - 02-14-2017, 10:36 PM - Forum: Saddle Shop Corral - Replies (1)

Just minutes ago I was outside feeding the horses when I heard a very odd call coming from the skies from outside. Like I titled this thread, I thought, "What the heck is that?" It was coming from the south, and I looked out the big front door of the barn to watch a large formation of good-sized birds coming toward me flying north. Their calls filled the air sounding like someone rolling their "r"s over and over again.

The first flight flew directly over the barn. Their bellies and undersides were beige with dark heads. Definitely not geese like I thought at first, but they kept coming... wings upon wings of them filling the skies not only with their presence but their calls. Over a hundred of them must've flown by before they disappeared to the north leaving behind an earthbound woman shocked from the spectacle she had just witnessed.

I was pretty sure what they were but had never seen them enough like this to be sure. Praised be for the internet. Yep, they were exactly what I thought: Sandhill cranes! What a sight, and one I'll remember for a long time to come.


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