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Full Version: Riding!
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Looks like you have to endure more pics from me. I've been riding and have zillions of pics but hoped someone else would post pics too. Since no one has... you're stuck with pics from me again!

I'm riding a different horse for a few weeks since Susan's Sparky had to have some lumps removed from his back. They were sent to Purdue to be identified but we think they are Equine Collagenolytic Granulomas (thanks to Dr. Google). The results should be back next week. While Sparky is recovering, I'm riding one of Wanda's horses. This ride I'm on Willy! Wanda is riding Banchee and Susan is on Bo. Since we've had some rain and some trails would be pretty muddy, we mostly stayed on the wide gravel trail though the area that was hit with the tornado 5 years ago.

One of several trees across the trail and the easiest to navigate!

[Image: GOPR8746_zpshxhvbclm.jpg]

Banchee (on the left) is HUGE. He is over 16 hands and while a bit overweight, he's just BIG. He's a sweetheart though.

[Image: GOPR9167_zps9h60zl5a.jpg]

Puppers showed up and went part way with us! He's getting older and for some reason his people are keeping him locked up and feeding him way too much. When he escapes, he heads to Susan's!

[Image: GOPR8778_zpsyz8w7exv.jpg]

Riding through the damage done by that tornado is like being on another planet. It's sad to see the damage but new growth is evident so you know it'll be okay just not in our life time.

[Image: GOPR8788_zpsliockzpo.jpg]

One of the benefits of the devastation is the views that were opened up.

[Image: GOPR9406_zpsed9iyrn8.jpg]

Wanda got a pic of Susan on Bo and me on Willy!

[Image: 17191936_1472298606145440_13460776449053...mpst8o.jpg]

Thanks for sharing your rides.

I will try to post dome horse pics. [Smile]
Weather has been lousy here for trail rides, so I don't have any pics to post.... spring can come any time now, I'm ready, just sayin'...