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Full Version: What Is Yours?
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I remember before I ever was on FB, I latched onto "My treasures do not sparkle or glitter, they shine in the sun and neigh in the night." as my "motto". It's in my signature on DE.

There are lots of memes on Facebook and of course, I zero in on the horsey ones!

One of my favs from FB is:

[Image: FB_IMG_1467498222412_zpspnlvoocb.jpg]

I think that pretty much says it all.

What is your favorite horsey saying or meme?
I have two. The first one has been around forever, but oh so true. I just couldn't picture heaven without meeting all my horses that have gone there before me. Of course that includes all my dogs that have gone before me too.

The other is how I feel about true friendship. I want someone on the same page as I am. Someone I can feel comfortable with sharing anything on my mind with them, and knowing they'll understand... and that they can do the same with me. "Don't try to lead me, don't try to follow me, but just be my friend." I know that's not a direct quote, but it's close enough.

There's probably others if I give myself a chance to think about it, but these have always been special to me.

One of my favourites is "Today is Yesterday's Tomorrow!"