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Full Version: Slithering Lovebirds at the barn
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[Image: db709685-29f2-4918-8522-48b170e11cd9.jpg]

Found these two trying to get in the Jake's barn door...at first thought it was mom and a baby but they were actually mating!!
Corn snakes....good for rodent control but rehomed them so my dogs wouldn't hurt them. A little hissing...then they continued their romance! Ahh, spring....[Big Grin]
Now that is neat Bones. Good for your to just re-home them.

Don't have many snakes around here these days.
COOL!! We had a pair of rat snakes that looked like record breaking pythons in the pear tree right behind the house a few years ago. Scared the bejeesus out of me when I almost walked right under them.