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Full Version: Ideal Body Weight
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I ran across this on Facebook! I've not tried it yet but thought it interesting.

You can estimate the ideal body weight of your horse using an equation recently developed by University of Minnesota researchers. Ideal body weight (lbs) = (body length (in) x 15.56) + (height (in) x 23.47) – 1,344 (for Arabians), 1,269 (stock horses) or 1,333 (ponies). The image demonstrates how to properly measure body length (D) and height (A). Researchers are currently developing similar equations for warmbloods and draft horses.

I couldn't get the photo to imbed but here is a link to see where the measurements should be made:

What is Joe's ideal body weight? Is he a little over weight
like most of us? [Big Grin]

LOL! I haven't calculated using this formula but according to the weight tape, he's at about 1150ish give or take a few pounds. He thinks he should weigh a lot more though. [Wink]
He looked real good the last time I saw him!
I'll have to give it a try. My fjord and Joe are two of a kind....