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Full Version: Cookies!
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One of my girls does competition hip hop and dances with a team named Cookies.
One quality that makes them unique is mixing all types of dance and music in with hip hop. They just won the Body Rock competition (local and international teams) a couple weeks ago...a 1920's theme . Even if you don't like hip hop/rap, I think you'll enjoy this. Great music especially the last part.
These kids are amazing!


They are going to Australia this summer to do workshops for other dance studios. Ohhhh, to be young again and able to move like that!
I love to watch those dance groups and am always amazed at the choreography. Congrats to your daughter, the rest of the team and you too. I bet you've put in a lot of hours supporting her interest!

Good job, Mom!
That was absolutely incredible. I can't imagine trying to memorize and carry out all those moves.
I enjoyed it! Wow!