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This is my chunky 2000 model perlino APHA gelding. 15.2 hh
Well my son's. I bought him and gave him to my son in 2005.
They are best buds Smile
He is also the best horse ever. Wish we had 4 more like him.

[Image: 69g3.jpg]

PHANTOM and me at the Christmas parade last year.
[Image: kufp.jpg]

PHANTOM and me at a homeless food drive for veterans.
[Image: sz1p.jpg]

This is my bulldog mare. 2001 model AQHA. 15.2 hh King P234 bred
I purchased her in 2003 from the man I worked for (breeder).
yes, she's toed in.

[Image: x33z.jpg]

This is my filly out of Hoodoo.
2012 model (3 hours shy of April 1st!) Her sire is a cremello Impressive bred stud.
This little girl is nothing but attitude. Has been from the time she hit the ground.

ASYNFOOL TESIGN (uh-sihn-fuhl teh-sine)

[Image: dhz8.jpg]
WOW! You've got some gorgeous horses! Phantom is a real treasure for sure. I love his costumes and especially the flag! Hoodoo is beautiful. I just love those tanks. [Wink] Her daughter sure is a pretty girl even if she does have a 'tude!
Such beautiful horses, Buckfin! I love Hoo Doo (of course, bays are my favorite color!)

Love the artwork on Phantom. He certainly must be a good boy to let you get him all fixed up like that!

Welcome to DE!
All beautiful horses!
I agree, Phantom must be a good boy, love the artistry! Too cute!
Thanks all!
Gonna try to get him in the parade again this year. He was great being that was his first go in that pic!
I want to body paint Thunder like that. That's the one good thing of having a solid grey/white horse!
[thumbsup] Nice horses,[wave] welcome to[de]
Smile thanks!
Welcome Buckinfun. Your horses are gorgeous, and it is plain to see that they are well loved and cared for.
Hoodoo is right up my alley!
Cool horses! What did you use for the paint on the veteran's ride?

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