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Full Version: My horses!! Golley and Brisco.
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Golley is 13.2 hands high, dun, and is a Blazer. He is super duper sweet and somewhat gentle.
[Image: 33969_607123675969220_1078232242_n.jpg]
[Image: 581790_607124075969180_500970705_n.jpg]

Brisco is about 15.3 hands tall. He too is a Blazer. Or at least, last time I measured him. haha! He is pretty sweet, at times. I love both my horses to death, and have had both horses for about 9 years now.
[Image: 554980_607124035969184_1776747427_n.jpg]
[Image: 542572_607123772635877_2016843392_n.jpg]
Thanks for posting the pics of your boys amberly. They are nice looking, well cared for horses, of which you have a right to be proud. And yes, I would say Brisco is white. I like to see you using the rope halters. They provide much better control and communication than flat halters. I also hate to see people leaving those halters on their horses when they are at liberty in the field. That is unkind and dangerous. Keep up the good work!

BTW, I like that barn, too! Are you in the mountains or eastern Montana? We are planning a trip to your state this summer. We have never been to Glacier Natl Park or up around the Bob Marshall Wilderness. That is God's country!
I'll be darned, but you're right. Brisco is white. From what I can see in the pic, he doesn't have pink skin. At least that's what I see around his eyes. So I'd say he's an albino. I'm not familiar with the Blazer horse. Yours are the first ones I've heard of. Can you tell us something about the breed? I'm always interested in learning something new [Smile].

I agree with Harv. That's a nice barn... and a nice place for your horses. It's easy to see you keep good care of them.
Well, we board our horses - so I couldn't exactly claim the barn as ours!! But yes, it is a very nice place. Beautiful pastures and buildings.

Yes, hmeyer!!! I always use rope halters. The other halters - like you said - do not provide the extra support and use as others. I never leave the halters on in the pasture either.

I am in the mountains. Ever heard of Kalispell? I am an hour north of them. A quiet, canadian-filled town called Eureka.
Without the canadians this town would be a ghost town.

I'll get some more information on the breed when I find that little bruchure we got when we bought them. As well as a link to the website. Other than that, that is pretty much all the info I know of them - but it is still pretty informative.

Even though we board, we do take good care of our horses, and thank you!!
Before we moved to montana we used to have three horses - including these guys - and we always kept them with us. But we still love them all!!
hmeyer & amberly,

We'll be in Missoula/Glacier area the first few days of August this year! Can't wait to see that part of the country and hoping to see a part of it from horseback. I need to find a trail ride!
It's probably due to the fact that I used flat nylon halters before the rope ones came back into popularity. For you younger folks; rope halters were used long before the flat nylon became popular.

The earlier rope halters weren't made like the ones today or thought of as training aids but just a way to lead a horse around. They had a tendency to leave grooves in horse's faces because, at the time, people did leave halters on horses in the pasture. Flat nylon took care of the grooves. And that's about the time people realized the dangers of leaving halters on horses at liberty. Then came the clinicians with a thinner version of the old style rope halter that makes a very effective training aid. Now you see them everywhere.

But I'm so used to the flat nylons this is what I use. I don't leave them on my horses when they're at liberty and have no problems using them when training or working with my horses. Nothing against rope halters. I can see they work. I just prefer what I've been using all along.

And forgive my typo in the post about Brisco. I meant to say he "does" have pink skin... not that he "doesn't" [B)].

Just wanted to add that I think it's cool how the photographer is reflected in the horses' eyes in the close up shots [Smile].
Yes, I can believe that rope halters were first. Just because the rope they had at the time was always round and such.

And about the photos - thank you!!!
I'm not braggin, but I took those, I think they are pretty good myself! hehe!!
Pretty horses! Did I read that Brisco is 22? Are you doing anything special to manage a senior horse?
Brisco will be 22 this year. Well, not really. We just feed him good hay, brush him down and exercise him every chance we get. Same with Golley - he will also be 22 this year. Golley still seems like a young horses - so I'm not as worried about him as I am Brisco. Brisco has been a little grumpier and lazier this year. haha!
But not really. They are healthy just the way they are now, so hopefully they will keep up like that for more years to come.
Golley looks really good and I can see why you'd be a little more worried about Brisco. If you've not had their teeth floated, you might consider having that done. It can make a huge difference in how a horse digests his food. It might also be time to think about supplementing Brisco with a senior feed.

Which is the dominant horse?
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