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Full Version: O'Bannon
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Faith has decided I am OK. After I put her up for sale she started coming to me and then yesterday morning I got bold and decided I really wanted to ride. Caught her no problem, and loaded her without the usual "Do I have to". We had a great ride , kept it short so I didn't burn her out. She was tired after only an hour so gonna take some conditioning which is gonna be hard since this is my busy season. I did discover that if you ride at 7AM the bugs aren't bad at all!
The wildlife was everywhere we saw coons, bunnies, deer, and tons of birds.
The weird thing is I wasn't even nervous about this ride. Guess I was finally ready, my knee is no longer ouch and feels like it is healed.[dude][Big Grin][Big Grin][Big Grin]
All right!

Think you'll be up to some rides with us at the DE Ride then? That would be a blast if you could.
I am willing to try if she stays catchable! If I unload a white horse you will know I am going to try a couple of short rides! Won't be pulling in till later on friday!
Maybe she's been sensing your nervousness all along. And just maybe you've been pushing yourself to ride before you're ready. Your balance may have been off just enough to make Faith uncomfortable and we all know how a horse can sense things we sometimes don't even realize.

Whatever happened... I'm really happy for both of you!