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Full Version: paint conformation?
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this is Aspen Rain, she's a 1 1/2yo paint filly. any conromation comments?

[Image: DSCN1709.jpg]

[Image: DSCN1710.jpg]

[Image: DSCN1711.jpg]

[Image: DSCN1638-1.jpg]

also, this is Candeliera, she's a 3yo arab/QH. its not a good pic for this, but any thoughts would be appriciated

[Image: 388602_347786028572143_100000222453896_1...n-Copy.jpg]
It's a little hard to judge from that pic since she's set up with her back legs too far forward instead of sitting square under her body. I like her well defined withers. She should hold a saddle well with a strong short back.

Her head profile has a very slight bulge from forehead to nose. Old timers will tell you this usually indicates a stubborn attitude to some degree to another. Might just be the winter hair, but I'd like to see a bit cleaner throatlatch. That might change if I could see her after she sheds this spring. I'd like to see more length to her neck, but she's tense and holding her head up, which might be making it look that way.

Her shoulder is a slightly straight with her pasterns matching, but I don't think this will be much of a problem. The pasterns are a good length and slant enough to give a good ride.

Even with her rear camped in too much, her front legs look good with the knee neither too far forward or back. I like her low croup and makes me wonder if she brings her hindquarters under her naturally and isn't just how she's standing.

She looks to have good muscle, which I'm sure is evidence of your ground work. Overall I'd say she'll make a good all-around horse that can do just about anything you care to train her for.

my sister did have her big paint gelding with us, he was having confo pics taken after her. so she might have been tense because of him.
her older sister's neck was fairly short when she was younger, but now she's well put together. she is quite a hairy beastie Smile she has a crazy thick winter coat where we are. as for her hindquarters, i think she might bring them under her somewhat naturally, her sister does that also. and her sister is already showing talent on simple barrel exercises. and they're both very fast. they run with their heads up and tails up. its very cute to watch. i have heard the nose thing before, and i think there could be something more than just old time saying too it. but that doesn't mean judge a horse on their nose shape.
she is still just under 2yo so she might still be in that awkward yearling body right now. i definatley appriciate your critiques and thank you for your complements (on Aspen's behalf Smile

Aspen and older sister Calico
[Image: 407092_2660269945954_1232093621_32193792...8474_n.jpg]
I like both her and her sister's coloring and patterns and I really love how thick her tail is (I am VERY mane and tail obsessed lol) She could use more meat on her rear in my opinion but that should come with growth. She's still a baby so a lot of this will change. My Appendix has changed so much in the last 6 years, its almost unbelievable!! [Smile] On the arab, the most noticable thing to me is her long back, which may mean that she won't be as sound in that area of her body when in her senior years as a horse with a much shorter back may be. I do like her color too though and I bet she's real shiny in the summer!
sounds good to me will come back soon and leave further comments