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Full Version: Leg Injury; Dove...Update01/02/12
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When I went to work yesterday afternoon, I noticed one of the arena's T-posts was leaning a lot more than usual. But I had to get to work and promptly forgot about it. About 6:30 pm my boss has me talking with my husband Steve on the phone. Dove had cut his leg and would probably need stitches. So I went home.

I could see from the aisle looking into Dove's stall that he'd taken hide off the outside of his right back cannon bone. I grabbed a halter a tied him in the aisle for a better look. My heart sank when I saw the inside of that same cannon bone. An area just below the the hock looked like raw steak. I estimated it at about 4" long and 2" to 2 1/2" wide. It was deep enough to see a quarter sized white spot in the middle.

I had a heck of a time locating a vet in between 7:00 and 8:00 in the evening. Thankfully Dove wasn't bleeding profusely, was sore, but putting weight on the leg. It was seeping blood from the major wound. Nothing life threatening but definitely in need of a vet. My neighbor, Karen, saw the barn lights on and came over. We went to check the leaning T-post. Dove's hair was all over one side of it. Karen said she was over by our arena a little before noon and both horses were fine then. So it had to have happened between noon and 2:15. Steve didn't know about it until the evening feed a 5:30 when he called me home.

The vet arrived around 9:00 pm and confirmed the white spot was Dove's cannon bone. So Dove is bandaged and inside, and the vet will be back tomorrow to check how the leg is doing. Dove is swelled and sore but eating well. When I saw him this morning, he had equal weight on both hind legs.

For those who might not know; Dove is 22 years old and more or less retired. His main job is to keep Terra company and have a nice place to live out the rest of his years. In his younger days he had earned multiple ApHC regional high point show awards. He's earned his retirement, and we've had him for almost 20 years of his life. He's family beyond all doubt. I just hope he won't be permanently lame for the rest of it. Time will tell.

I think horses spend a good part of their days figuring out what they can do next that will make us worry! So sorry that Dove managed to figure something out.

I hope Dove's injury heals quickly. Putting equal weight on both hinds is a good sign so I bet he'll be fine. At least you won't have to worry about flies getting to the wound at this time of year.

Keep us posted!
Oh, I'm so sorry to hear he got hurt! It's like Karen said, they sure do seem to enjoy making us worry.

From what you describe, though, I see no reason why he would not make a full recovery. What did the vet say about his prognosis?

Healing vibes for the grand old horse,Dove!
Dove will be stall bound at least until Monday when Doc comes back out again. He was here yesterday about the time I had to go to work, but I did get to see Dove's wound before I left. I can't believe how much it's started to close in just two days time. I'm guessing it to be about 3" to 3 1/2" long and maybe 1 1/2" to 2" wide. It might still be seeping, but very little from what I could tell. Doc was very pleased with how it's healing and bandaged it back up from what Steve told me last night.

I should add that when Doc got here, I led Dove out to him, and Dove was walking just fine. The swelling's gone down too though not quite all the way yet. The bute paste has helped with that... when Dove has been nice enough to let me dose him. LOL I can't believe how fast he can do a 360 on the hind quarters in his stall so I can't catch him to give him the bute. The first time, I'm sure he thought I was going to worm him. Surprise! Something different and obviously nasty tasting as far as Dove's concerned. Too bad 'cause he still got his meds regardless of his evasive manuevers (sp).

I'm hoping, barring more rain that's been making a mud pit of our arena, that Dove can be turned out sometime next week. I know he'd be a lot happier that way. At least, so far, he hasn't started chewing the stalls like he usually does when confined. Seems like it's always something. LOL

Ginger, I like to take those wormer syringes and every few months, fill them with honey and give it to the horses. Makes worming them really easy when the time comes, despite that resentful "traitor!" look when they get the real thing instead of honey lol!
AD; Thanks for the advice but my wording came out wrong. Dove and Terra are great at taking their wormers. Dove was super easy to give his bute paste the first time thinking it was worming time. The second time, he didn't want anything to do with it. But I've discovered that if I soft talk him, he'll come right up to me for attention, which I give him before he gets the bute. He still doesn't like it, but it's sure a lot less hassle this way [Smile][Wink].

Great to know he is so much better!

Wondering how Dove is doing with his injury.
Doc was out yesterday and pleased with what he saw. The wound is still in the process of closing and no longer bleeding. The bandage came off easily. The wound is about half the size from a week ago, but you can still see a pea-sized spot of the cannon bone.

Doc won't be back for 10 days unless needed and has put me in charge of changing the bandage a giving Dove his meds. Dove's off the bute, but getting a daily dose of antibiotics in powder form. Doc said Dove will have to be kept in his stall until we can't see the bone anymore. We have standing water in our arena right now, and Dove loves to stand in it. I wish it was dryer out there. If so, Dove would probably be outside now.

Our box stalls are good sized (10'X14'), and this gives Dove room to move around. He can see outside, and Terra's comings and goings in the next stall gives him enough diversion that he hasn't chewed the stalls... yet. LOL Terra thinks its fun to be able to go in & out of the arena at will. She's usually the one stuck inside while Dove goes in & out.

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