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Full Version: October ride
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EZ & I joined up to ride at a nearby park. It seems today was the day for volunteers to collect seeds from the prairie, so there were about 20 people lurking among the tall prairie plants collecting seeds.
See those monsters in there?
[Image: DSC06692.jpg]

The horses certainly did! But we weathered things just fine after we got them to talk to us and the horses sheepishly realized they were people. The weather was beautiful and companionship was great.

[Image: DSC06699.jpg]

Thanks for joining me, Vicki!
Nice day to ride!
It was a beautiful day, for sure! I'm glad the horses stayed as calm as they did. This park is mostly tall-grass prairie, and the horses really couldn't see what was moving around in there!

I really enjoyed the ride, Nancy, and thanks for inviting me along!

I'm glad you two got to ride! Also glad the monsters turned out to be harmless. [Wink]
Vicki, u look so good! I'm glad u guys got to get together!I miss everyone getting together Sad Maybe, one day.....