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Full Version: WANTED: horse hair
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I know this probably sounds strange, but I'm an artist/jewelry designer looking to incorporate horse hair into my new pieces. I actually rode for twelve years but had to give it up when I started college, so unfortunately I'm not around horses anymore. Sigh.

What I'm looking for is mane and tail hair. Purchasing it is quite expensive, and as I'm a recent art school graduate, my expendable income is pretty limited. So I don't know if anyone is trimming for summer, but if you are, I would love to take the shorn hair off your hands. [Smile] I would of course reimburse you the shipping cost through Paypal.

Thanks in advance for humoring my wacky request!
I bought horse tails off e-bay for around 10 bucks so you might try that. I might actually still have a couple if I find them I will let you know.
I can probably help you out if you want red. Next year at this time you can have about 6 inches of black.

I am really thinking about roaching a few horses.
Wow, such prompt responses - thanks!

BethAnn - Ebay's been failing me this time. For the quantities available the prices are more than I can spend. So I'd definitely be interested if you find those leftovers!

Mrs Hook - Red would be lovely! Please let me know if/when you end up roaching--thanks!