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Full Version: Blue-Appaloosa Gelding
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22 years old and still going strong! I looked at one of the pics I took of him when I first got him, then looked at this and realized that he had lost a little bit of weight...but then I realized he had also gained a bunch of muscle! [Smile] He had been in 'retirement' for two years, just sitting around doing nothing, but with us, we built his stamina back up and reconditioned him so now, he's my trail ridin' machine. I just love him.

[Image: THEconformation.jpg]

Oh, I also talked to his previous owner and discovered that it is believed that he was a stallion pretty late into his life. I asked because he was, uh, 'seducing' our filly. Oo
Blue is looking good.
Thanks Hook! ^^ I'm happy with how much I have been able to raise his stamina and that after two years of trail/show riding his back is still in great shape.