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Full Version: Lily-Quarter horse filly
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Well, even though I'm looking for her a new home, I was still a little curious about what everyone thinks of her conformation wise.

She already stands at 13.3-14hh and will turn 1 on the 16th of this month.
[Image: Lily1.jpg]
I'm not an expert on how all the parts fit together and why a neck that ties in either high or low would make the horse good at one discipline over another, but I do know about the parts that please my eye. Your filly's sweet little head and large expressive & kind eye drew my attention first. I think she's sweet and as far as color, I prefer a palomino to be her shade or darker. She is going to be big as she is already as tall as my gelding! LOL
lol She is growing like a weed! Somehow my family always manages to find BIG horses, but I prefer big horses...even if I am short. Wink