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Full Version: new poster, with new horse!
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Hi everyone..I've been following the forums for a while, and just bought my first horse after college and decided to join you guys! Here is my new project...he's 3 yrs old, Conclusive lines and sired by TNT Gold. He's about 15" now but should mature to around 15'3-16. we couldn't get a great picture yesterday but here are a few, would love to know what everyone thinks of him!

[Image: 2185560870105317182S500x500Q85.jpg]

[Image: 2070329060105317182S500x500Q85.jpg]
Hi PalRider. Welcome to [de] !!
Nice looking palamino![^] Is he broke yet, or are you just now starting him? Would love to know more about your plans for him.

I am in Indiana. My wife and I, along with our grown son, just got into horses about 6 years ago, at the tender age of 50. You are so lucky to be getting started when you are still young enough to learn! We have 5 horses now and are having a blast. I hope you are, too!

Stick around and tell us more![Smile]
Welcome to DE!

He looks like a nice horse! What are your plans for him? Are you going to show? What type of riding do you do? Have you ridden before? What's his name? LOL! You've got lots of questions to answer!

I look forward to getting to know you & your horse better!
Welcome to DE. You have a nice looking horse. Tell us more.

Hi there, and welcome! You do have a good looking guy there, very solid build and pretty color too. Tell us more?
Hi, Palrider. Your boy sure is nice looking....and big! I'm sure you are tickled pink. How many hours are you spending at the barn? Keep the pictures coming! Oh, and welcome to DE!
Welcome to DE! What a pretty horse. We look forward to hearing more about him.
He's gorgeous! I didn't get my first horse until I was out of school and he was a palomino also, 2 years old. We learned a lot together and I had him for 30 years! I hope you and your horse enjoy each other as much as we did! We taught each other so much! Loved seeing the pictures! Brought back many happy memories and I wish the same for you two! Can't wait to hear more about him!
Hey, thanks for the replies! I've been riding my whole life, just out of college with the 4 year degree. I'm working fulltime but am spending late-afternoons out there then helping with feeding to work off some of the board. He's unbroken, I'm planning on doing the groundwork and basics, ground driving, then putting the basics on him and seeing what he wants to turn into. I used to show mostly western..WP/horsemanship and western riding so that's my ideal plan for him. He also picked up the basic showmanship moves within a week of working so I'm thinking that's a good prospect too! Okay once again thanks for the responses, and glad to hear good stories from you guys! hope to hear more eventually Smile

Welcome to the forum PalRider! You have a good looking gelding with some great color. Keep us posted on how your work with him goes, and HAVE FUN!

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