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Full Version: Awe Sum
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Hi everyone, just thought i would pop up a pic of a little yearling gelding that i am free leasing at the moment with first option to buy.
I have only had him here for about a month and i actually went to a show on the weekend with him, which those that know me will realise thats a huge deal for me as im kind of very nervous about everything.
I kind of didnt have him looking very good, i have never ever done the manes before or anything so everything was new to me
[Image: DSC01890.jpg]
[Image: DSC01871.jpg]
[Image: DSC01884-1.jpg]
I think you did a great job on the mane! He looks like a nice boy and he has some great color and blanket on him!! Keep us posted on your progress with him....thinking seriously of purchasing?

Nice looking baby Spots. You have him done up nice too. Looks like a very willing boy too. How did you do at the show?

Looks nice & warm there. Minus 8C with snow on the ground here.
Nice in all respects!
He looks good, Spots. How did he place in the show?

Good looking young man! You look great too, in fact you look good together![Smile]
Oh my! He's a younger version of my 20 year old gelding, Dove [:O]! Do you know anything about his pedigree? Of course they might not be related at all, but your boy is colored almost identical to my Dove!

RH, I thought of Dove when I saw the photos, too.

Thanks everyone, i was such a nervous wreck you have no idea lol.
he has been such a good boy at home and then when in the line everytime the judge came up he got a bit scared of him and would move aghh, luckily the other yearlings did the same thing lol
In the yearling futurity we got 3rd ( haha was only about 5 in it) and in the appy gelding got 1st (bigger haha there was two in that) then champion appy

His reg name is Awe Sum, sire is Mr Aweluminary, Dam is White Hills Dark Angel
He is really quite a good sensible boy, if something frightens him he is over it pretty quickly, allthough to people that dont know him they think he looks scared as he has big bug eyes lol
He is beautiful! His mane looks great and so do you!
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