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Full Version: Clinton Anderson DVD Set Handling Foals, Weanlings
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6 DVDs (used)

Handling Foals, Weanlings and Yearlings: Building a Foundation for Success - Parts 1 thru 6

6 DVDs (in the original BOX)

Runtime: approximately 7 hours and 20 minutes.

"This series contains valuable training and handling tips that you can use as soon as your foal is born. Clinton will show you how to communicate quickly and effectively with your young horse. His step-by-step techniques will teach you a wide variety of exercises designed to enhance your horse’s respect and confidence with a lifelong partnership in mind. The information in this series can be put to use from the foal’s first day. And you’ll find enough training suggestions to keep your baby busy learning as he grows."


I loved this set! It really helped me to take "Rose", a wild yearling rescue filly to the point of being a respectful and friendly horse. (Rose has now been re-homed to a great family who are furthering her education as a 4H family horse.) I highly recommend these dvd's for anyone that is working with young horses....

Used: In original box: $110.00 (New price was $149.99) Free shipping in the USA/Canada. I can accept Paypal, personal checks or Postal Money Order. Private message me for any additional info.