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Full Version: Prof. Beery's Horse Training Manual in PDF format
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We have a PDF digital reprint of Prof. Beery's Mail Course in Horsemanship, a total of 8 lessons originally published in 1908.

This manual is definite a classic in terms of horse training, covering the following topics:

Lesson 1: Colt Training
Lesson 2: Disposition and Subjection
Lesson 3: Kicking and Balking
Lesson 4: Shying and Running Away
Lesson 5: Bad to Shoe & Halter Pulling
Lesson 6: Promiscuous Vices
Lesson 7: Overcoming Special Fears
Lesson 8: Teaching Tricks

We have sold many copies at eBay and only got positive feedbacks.

Details about this manual & the author Prof. Beery, and the screenshots of sample pages are all available at above link.

We also have a free PDF booklet called "Arabian Art of Taming and Training Wild & Vicious Horses" ready to be downloaded.

Hope this helps. Thank you.
The PDF digital reprint of Prof. Beery's Mail Course in Horsemanship is on sale now.