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Full Version: Deal of the Century - Trailer for Sale
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If anyone is in the market for a nice living quarters trailer, here is the deal of the century.

[Image: 4c0bd5a2.jpg]
(Note: Lonnie does not come with the trailer)

For those who have seen this trailer in person (it belonged to my friend, Sue, and she had it at Midwest at the first DE ride), you know it is in great shape (remember Sue scrubbing the box clean each time the horses were taken out?)

This is a steel, two horse straight load, do not know year or manufacturer. It has a full living quarters, complete with cabinetry, bed, curtains, roof top aircondintioning unit, full-sized shower, nice sized hot water heater (don't know the gallons), but two people can take showers and you still have hot water left; two burner cooktop, propane tank, double sink, toilet, microwave, refrigerator, and coffee maker, lots of intererior lighting. Box floor in good shape, box mats in good shape. Tires in good shape. Red in color with a mural of wood scene and rearing horse on the front bulkhead and two bucking horses on the rear doors. Does have some rust and the running boards (wooden) may need to be replaced. All exterior lights work, as do the electric brakes. $5,000.

Will hope to get more pictures over the weekend of exterior and interior of trailer.

To throw in a used car salesman saying, "must see to appreciate". For those who saw this trailer at the DE ride, I'm sure you will agree this is a nice trailer. If I still had my truck, I would buy this trailer!

If interested, let me know. My friend, Maria (who bought it from Sue when she got out of trailriding/camping) has two trailers and since she does not want to sell the one she and her beloved husband Robbie had bought and camped in (sentimental value), she wants to sell this one.

Thanks alot and look forward to hearing from anyone who may be interested in a great trailer.

This is an amazing trailer! If I didn't see the horses in it, I'd never believe there had ever been a horse hauled in it.

EVERYTHING you could want is packed in the LQ.It really is a nice trailer and I think the perfect size. Not too big to haul into smaller camps but plenty big for all the stuff you need when camping.

I'd be interested in it if I had a beefier truck.
Karen, Sue pulled it with a Chevy Silverado 1500 and didn't have any problems pulling it. Maria hasn't had any problems with it either with her 1500.

Didn't get any pictures of this trailer this weekend (too wet and dreary out), but did check out the rust and found it to be very minimal. I will try to get pics on Thursday when I go out for a visit.