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Full Version: Fence Panels
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Just moving onto my first horse property (since a kid) tomorrow. I want to replace all barbed wire with either electric fence or panels. When using panels for continuous fencing how are they supported when put in a straight line? Are they secured to posts or will they just stand when pinned? How about using chains to connect the panels? Thanks.
If you are using these panels in a straight line, I'd think you would definitely need posts to support them. Especially if you will be using them as a pasture fence, and not as an arena or round pen. Just my two cents worth.

A length of two between posts is nothing more than gates that meet in the middle. You should be able to go to 3 in a line with no problem , but even 4 is probably going to create some sagging.

And any line posts will need to be real wood posts, not just metal t-posts.

Just my 1 cents worth (not even worth 2 cents)[Smile]
An observation....recently when I was at the vets clinic on a Saturday I was walking around with my mare waiting our turn. While doing so I noticed that his "corrals" (which were panels) had horseshoes in the tops of the posts connecting the two which would also prevent any possibility of a horse getting their foot/neck ect. caught up. I wish I'd taken a picture but basically they set the horseshoe's heels down, one side in each panel post's top. Was a wonderful way to make use of old horseshoes and a great safety measure imo. The things you learn just taking in the sights Smile

Thanks so much everyone for the input. I'm packing up the PC and moving to my horse property now!!!