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Full Version: Circle Y equitation saddle
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I am looking at a used saddle . It is a Circle Y equitation and was wondering if there is a way to tell what kind of bars it has? What year it was made?This is the serial number... #2931170712397

It would probably be easir to email Circle Y Saddles and ask them if they have a record of that serial nbr.
Have you looked through all the circle y posts in this part of the forum? In a few of them, chuck explains what the numbers are.
Here is my attempt to demystify the Circle Y # http://www.dailyequine.com/forums/topic.asp?ARCHIVE=true&TOPIC_ID=512

Looks to me like you have a mid level 17" Ultra Lite Show saddle with regular bars made in '97.
Thanks for your help! I had looked through the forum archives but didnt find the post you linked me to Chuck. It was very informative....Im probably going to buy new but am enjoying looking at the used saddles Smile