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Full Version: NICE Two Year old Gelding! whats his colour?
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HEY what do you think of him!
I was wondering what his colour was? grey, buckskinISH lol?

And what do you all think of his Comfomtaion Etc..!

I think he is lovley!

[Image: 2527269440093220145S425x425Q85.jpg]
[Image: 2334725100093220145S425x425Q85.jpg]
[Image: 2678555380093220145S425x425Q85.jpg]

[Image: 2520497280093220145S425x425Q85.jpg]
[Image: 2858971270093220145S425x425Q85.jpg]
He is a nice two year old gelding. Quite will balanced for his age, nice head , kind eye and a nice moving out stride.

Nicely coloured too. The Black mane & tail really set off the roan grey appearance. He does look different coloured in the two sets of photos.

Stormy can probably tell you the proper colour name for him.

Nice horse.

Lookes grey.

Grey is not really a color. A grey horse is born a color and then slowly goes grey over time. So a grey horse is really black, bay, buckskin, palomino,...under that grey. The grey gene slowly turns the hair grey/white with time. You normally use grey/white hair mixed in with the other color until they are older. It is also all over the whole body(legs, head, mane, tail, body) where Roan only has that effect on it's body.

Sometimes as it goes to grey it can give you a really odd look. Making them look lighter. This horse may or maynot be buckskin. It could be a light bay or even a dark chestnut under that grey. hard to say once they get like this. Sometimes if you know what color the parents were being being grey you can tell. I think that people should record what color the horse is under the grey but most groups don't do that.
Personally, I'd call him a blue roan[confused2? What do you think, Stormie?
Not Blue Roan. Roan and Grey are two that are mixed up a lot(that and Varnish roan, Sabino and other roaning types).

Blue Roan is caused by the Classic Roan gene. The foal is normally born looking like a normal foal, sometimes with a little roaning. Normally once they shed that first foal fuzz they are clearly roan. With roans the hair is normally solid on the Head, legs, mane and tail. The roaning is only in the body. Sometimes it is a little on the head but the generally looks solid. Roans normally don't get lighter with age. They will change a little the first few years. Their winter coat is generally darker. I know one stud that looks just like Jazz's color in the winter but in the summer is body is nearly a redish silver color he has that much roaning. If a Roan gets a cut the hair normal grows back solid not white. So their scars are dark colored and this happens easily. Some cuts look like they wouldn't scar at all but because the hair grows back dark it stands out. On a normal colored horse it more then likely would have grown back dark and you wouldn't have known it was there at all.

On greys they are born a normal color, the foals start getting white hairs mixed in on the face first. Many start right way around the eyes and get a google eye look. As they age they get more and more white hairs mixed in. It's the whole body. Head, body, legs, mane, tail. When cut the hair reacts like a normal colored horse. It will grow back the dark/white mix or white if the horse has turned mostly white all ready.

This this good looking boy has the white mixed in the face and legs I would say grey not roan. A Roan can be grey also, I know one in fact. In that case once the horse has greyed enough you wouldn't know he was roan too. Many people will misname horses and I could see him being called roan or Blue roan. Sometimes people think that terms like Blue or Red Roan are just stages of a horse going grey.
Nothing wrong with grey though! I find it interesting to see all the changes in Bandit over the years. He is 5 and no where near white yet....few more years I guessSmile
Thank you for the explanation, Stormie, and you're absolutely right. I should've looked more closely at this horse than I did. It's been awhile, and I remember the red roan mare my cousin had back in the '80's. She was colored exactly as you discribed... dark head and legs and roan through the body.

Whatever color he is, (he looks grey to me) he is a good looking boy. I really like the 4th picture of him the best.