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I have seen a lot of places where they divide pastures etc with electric fence, just t posts and one wire. Some place here thats all they have. I also saw what look like white board fence, posts with three or two boards running across but the boards running across are not really boards but rolls of fake board? Will horses jump? how high should a fence be? wood, wire, electric, any preferences? We plan on fences in the whole property except for the bush. One side is fenced by a farmers fence and corn field the other side the trans Canada trail, third side bush and along the dirt road nothing, we are planning on fencing that somehow.

Here are some pictures of the property.
[Image: IMG_6782.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6783.jpg]
[Image: Lookingfromthecreektothetreelinewhe.jpg]

Where you see the tree line way in the distance is where we want to build our home and barn.
This is a picture of the old barn that is on the property.
[Image: Barnfromthecreek.jpg]
Very nice!

You've got to be excited to begin planning your new place. I've never had the luxury of planning my own fencing and barn...just had to take what was already available.

Someone mentioned [url="http://www.horsekeeping.com/horse_books/book_barn.htm"]Cherry Hill's books[/url] and they are excellent resources...along with DE. ROFL!
Wow, what a gorgeous spread! I bet you are having fun planning all that. I'm sorry I have no advice to offer on fencing, except that some folks around here recently added a line of electric wire to their wooden board fencing to cut down on the number of boards they had to replace due to chewing -- something to think about.

I recently put up 10 acres of fencing. It is high tensile electric we thought about the t post(yes cheaper), but when i read about the injury of a young horse on here i decided against it. I know wire fencing can be dangerous but i had to use what i could afford and what i thought would be safe for my horses. We opted for thick wood posts versus the t post and had it professionally done. It was more expensive to have it professionally done but i wanted it up quickly and correctly. All and all i am happy with it, my horses learned quickly to respect the fence. We do leave the electric on all the time unless someone is in the pasture. Most tensile wire accidents I have known have been caused by not leaving the electric on so to me it is pretty safe. I think when you are deciding on fencing you need to weigh all the pro's and cons. No fencing is perfectly safe or escape proof but i knew with my escape artists it had to be electric.
Karen yes I am excited I wish I was there yesterday. I just want peace and quiet, to be able to let my dogs out and not have to have them fenced in all the time. Also, not to have to put up with some neighbours. and of course most of all to have Horses!! There is so much planning the house barn etc I just want to do it right the first time.
Collen please take a look at Electrobraid fencing.

This might seem a little exspensive in the beginning but you don't use as many post and there is not much maintenance.

We have it. The horses respect it. Not to bad on the eyes. I've had trees blow over on it and just as soon as I cut them off it sprang right back in place.
Its even sold by a company in Canada.

Thats one heck of a good looking place you have there.[cool1]
I really like the looks of your property. Like your thought of locating near the tree line but check the cost of getting electrical service to it, my thought is it will be VERY expensive.

My ideal fence is cedar posts (not pressure treated), minimum of 4" top, spaced at 8 feet with three equally spaced 16 foot 2X6 boards with wooden gates. ( well actually I like those full vinyl covered ones but out of my price range)

Our fences are 12 foot post spacing with 12 foot 2X6 to reduce the costs a bit. The top board is 54" from the ground level and has a hot wire to prevent chewing.

The fence behind Mrs Hook and Profit in this picture is about 22 years old and I have replaced only two of the posts. The new board is a result of Promise racing to the fence and unable to stop she broke it with her chest on the way through. ( no injuries though, I'm glad it wasn't wire)

[Image: 061217-1.jpg]

That bottom board is closer than when installed due to the sand getting mounded under the fence over the years. Someday I may move it back where it belongsSmile
Hook thanks for the info, my husband likes the look of that kind of fence, seeing we have about 50 acres of bush I'm sure cedar posts won't be a problem. About the cost of getting electricity up there your right its going to cost. We also have to pay for aggregate for the city to make the road up there. There is just a dirt road going up there right now and its not open in the winter more of a cow trail. The city is going to maintain and fix it as long as we pay for the aggregate. $12-20 thousand to get power up ther DH said. Thats why we won't be building right yet unless we win a lotto.[Big Grin] We plan on starting by getting the road done now and drive 500 feet in and a well dug to start. Also, fixing up the old barn so we can store our trucks for the winter (swimming pool service company trucks). I don't know if you have seen this I've only seen it in one place here. Looks just like the fence in the picture but white but the 2 x 6's are in a roll(plastic I guess) that attach to the posts. When I see it again I will try and get a picture.
Here is a picture taken last fall from where we want to build, white building to the right is our closest neighbour on the other side of the dirt road, cash crop. If you look closely you can see our vehicle way down at the bottom and thats where the old barn is. The tree line going through the middle is a small creek, which I love.

[Image: IMG_5594.jpg]
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