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Full Version: Owning horses IS a Lifestyle -" DE HAA"
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The post that started it all.


Posted - 12/30/2005 : 05:43:11

It's a Lifestyle thing. I am thinking of starting a new horse club called HAA ( Horse Addiction Anonymous). When ever one of us goes to buy more horses or horse stuff than we need(or can afford) we call another member who talks us out of it. If they can't talk us out of it they go with us to see if it really is a good deal. :-)

Hook(ed)......on Horses
Posted - 12/30/2005 : 22:25:26

I get to be Member #1 and President of HAA until we get enough members to have a vote.

Founding Members and Honorary Vice Presidents and Directors in order of sign-up.
1. beccajane - cause she was first and we need to go together to see things, she can be Vice-President responsible for scouting out new horses & things so we will be able to council our members more effectively
2. appygirl – confirmed horse addict for 44 years, qualified to be Second- Vice President in charge of confessions
3. saddle tramp - obviously needs the services of HAA badly – Director of Acquisitions
4. Red Hawk – has her habit under control – Director of Public Relations. Now I have to call the club DE HAA
5. Flooper – has made the first step – admission of addiction – Second Director of Confessions
6. Paintgal – an immediate need here, we will have to work hard on this one – Director of Restraint. Don’t buy another horse, PLEASE. I bought a second horse to join my wife’s after we were married and now look – 9 ¾ horses in an 8 stall barn – DON’T DO IT.
7. EZ2SPOT – recovered but wavering – Director of Rehabilitation
8. jacobsbuddy – obviously under the influence of the desire for horses – Director of Recruitment – has friends that could make use of the services of DE HAA

As President I would like to assign to each of you the task of reviewing your new responsibilities and advise the club of your progress.

Hook(ed)......on Horses

"How Tyme Flys"
"Today is Yesterday's Tomorrow."
"Do it NOW"
Ok, I'm helping my husband try to sort through the excess horse stuff that's in the garage, come back to the Forum....and here I discover that there is a name for what I have. I guess that I am a member of HAA! [Big Grin]
I have come across so many "good deals" which I have purchased, that I am asked by the blissfully unaware, "How many horses DO you have?" My answer...."I only have one......but I am prepared for many!!" (isn't that a good thing?)
I am joining HAA and.....btw....happen to have any "good deals" going on?? haha! kidding........or am I?

I love to spend bucks on my horse.
He needs lots of "stuff", but of COURSE!
Horse blankets abound,
Supplies all around,
but REALLY great deals I have found!
Hard to believe that HAA started 12 years ago.
Wow! Lots of fun times with that thread. I wonder what's happened to so many that used to be active here.