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Full Version: Welsh Pony!!!
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This is our 5 year old Welsh X she's 13 hh and is just an absolute angel with the kids. I've been riding her in the Maine Medal classes doing the 2'6" Modified Adults and 2'9" Adult Medals and she also kicks butt in the Pony Jumpers classes and Pony Medals with the kids. I KNOW I'm too big but I'm the designated pony rider because I've been there and done that.
Sorry no comformation shots as of right now... Unfortunately.
[Image: mrf86.jpg]

[Image: Picture015.jpg]

This isn't me... It's a girl that leases her
[Image: 289525_325884.jpg]

[Image: kitkatmia.jpg]

[Image: Picture001-1.jpg]

What a pretty girl! And, boy, can she jump!
Hi TT13, Welcome to the forum.

You sure have an exceptional pony there. You don't look like you are too big for her. she carries you over those jumps just fine.

What is her name? She looks ike the perfect pony.

Thanks for posting the pictures.
Her name is Kit Kat glad to hear someone doesn't think I'm too big for her. We placed 2nd in Adult Med. and the judge asked me if she was who I was planning on riding at Finals because I was a bit big haha. But anyways... She is for sale so I'm trying to get as many comments as possible on what I could improve with her etc. I even have a video link of her doing the Adult Medals...

Checked out the video.

I am impressed at your riding ability, (I noted how she tried a deke on the first jump and only a good rider could correct that) and Kit Kat looks so smooth and sure over the jumps. Like the fast but collected canter / gallop.

You guys make a good team.
Thanks bunches Hook!