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Okay Lavonne I hope this satisfies your photo craving for the day.

I am going to try to post a video my husband made. This is my 2nd visit to see Joe before I bought him. So my husband took photos and video so I could see Joe move later on.

I was told he neck reined 'pretty good' and as you can tell from the video, that was not quite the case. [Wink]

[Image: th_Joe.jpg]

Then here is Joe this past summer at Ellis Farm.

[Image: DSC_0086-1.jpg]

[Image: DSC_0116.jpg]

That is the leanest I have ever seem Joe. Right now he is fat and fuzzy.

I know Joe does not have perfect conformation, but he is sound and sane (some days) and I Love him.

I really liked your video, very cute. Joe is a nice looking horse.
I love his blanket, color and especially the spots on his forelegs. He's nice, looks strong.
I have to wait to see the video when I am near a computer with DSL, I tried with mine, I think it went into convulsions.
ILJ, I smiled all the way the way thru your video. Your DH did a good job. Joe is a handsome fella, I'm in no position to evalute him, but I can see why you love him. His personality comes thru.
that is an awesomely large ass joe has - my kinda horse butt! he is very beautiful!! i'd take him for polox anyday!
Thanks for the all the nice Joe comments.

His arse is a monster!

Here is a parting shot I really like. It shows so much expression in his eyes.

[Image: DSC_0085.jpg]
Great pics. Joe is quite handsome! Anxious to see the video...my computer is s-l-o-w. I can see why "you love Joe".
Joe is a good solid looking horse, well balanced on straight sturdy legs.[^]

His shoulder angle is steeper than ideal which probably results in a shorter stride at the lope and trot. His well muscled hindquarters would compensate for the steeper shoulder angle. I bet he works well off his back end with good elevation when collected.

His colouring really shows the appaloosa heritage as dose the teeny weeny tail.[}Smile]

Joe's personalty shows through and I think he looks much happier in the recent ones you post at your own place.[^]
Hook you summed him him up well. Joe has a teeny tiny stride. His lope is very smooth, but it feels like slow motion.

He is very happy here. Everywhere we have been, he has been stalled all day with limited turnout. Here he is out all the time.
Joe is gorgeous. Love those thick legs of his. I have one question though. In the first picture, is that a cut, just above the hoof on the left back leg? Can't tell if it's just coloring...or blood. ?.?
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