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Gads! This sounds like Pepper too -- she's a little bit better about standing still, but she's constantly mumbling at the bit when she's impatient, she's bored easily with repetitive exercises, and give her an excuse to run and it's ON!!! Buckles might enjoy gaming, or cow sports... something where she gets to think about what she's doing and go fast at the same time.

I bet you're right about cattle, and gaming. Problem is, at this point in my life gaming is out. I could set up a few different things: poles, barrels on our place, and show her the ropes, maybe a 3/4 speed goal. My husband and I have considered buying a couple of cows for a pasture we have, then we could move them around some. We'll see. Two kids in college, one homeschooled 8th grade, my time gets spent quickly. I am very fond of Buckles, but if the right young lady (or small young man) came along, that was an advanced rider, and had guidance of an experienced horseman, I'd consider selling her for competition, in the right hands I think she could be good, and she'd love it. But, it would have to be carefully done.
I decided I'd give her another summer's riding/schooling then we'll see. Then I remember that baby I spent so many hours with feeding ....she'll probably be here another 30 years.
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