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Full Version: TWH Percheron X
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This is Gypsy. She is 17months old and weighs about 1000lbs. She is very gentle and willing. She is also gaited and I think she is going to make a good trail horse.

[Image: GypsycomestoYellowCreek1202-06002.jpg]
She is already 1000 pounds? She is going to be big!!
She looks very sweet and I especially like the steel gray coloring.
Did you just get her?
What a nice big mare. I was raised around the big draft horses and really like them. I keep pointing out Percheron teams that are listed in the Horsetrader. So far no luck!

She should make you a really good trail riding horse. I like the steel grey and white. I wonder if she will continue to get lighter with age and end up white?
Yes, we just got her last Friday and brought her home on Saturday. Worked with her just a little today. Lunged her for about 5 minutes and then we had white out snow! We had to put her up and creep down off the mountain before the road froze up. She will take a rider. She has been worked in harness as far as the lines go but she hasn't done any hard work. She is too young for that. We just want to keep working her on the ground and with a light rider on occassion to keep her gentle and let her learn slowly. My 5yo grandson has sat on her while she eats. I was planning on saddling her today and riding her for about 10 minutes. I weigh 130 so I don't think I will put too much stress on her.

I like her coloring. It's not like any paint I have seen before. I have never had a paint, but she is an eye catcher. I guess just because she is not the normal paint color. She is really sweet. We can walk up to her in the pasture anywhere and she wants to get in your pocket.
The large markings together remind me of the shadow of a woman bowing her head as if in prayer.
You are right Sharon. I had not noticed that. Very cool. I had a leopard app who had a "T" in spots on his right shoulder. The neat part was, his sire was "Joker's Mr. T."
Nice solid looking filly, your Gypsy. Still has a lot of growing to do. How tall is she now?

I really like her markings. Reminds me of my first horse, Dandy, that we purhased for company for Mrs Hook's horse shortly after we were married.

Dandy's colouring was similar to Gypsy's except he was a brown pinto. Was a big horse too with a great temperment that anyone could ride. Even caught Mrs Hook riding him bareback in an indian costume with a twine around his lower jaw for a bit.[Wink][Smile]

Hope your filly is as nice as my memories of Dandy.
Gypsy is gorgeous. I bet she'll grey out as she ages. Nice roan color now.

I have ridden Gypsy a couple of times now. She is very willing. I rode her in the bottom with the cattle and she was calm as could be. What she didn't like was being the only horse out and going *away* from the rest. It took a bit of coaxing to keep her on track but we sure made good time on the return trip. LOL