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Full Version: HH Mizinformed "Sweetie"
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Ok this is our daughters show mare. She is registered Paint, Pinto and Palomino. She is 10 years old, 15.2 ish(I have never measured her although I want a measure stick) She has points in the Pinto circuit in halter and western pleasure. My daughter showed her last year walk trot, pleasure horsemanship, halter and showmanship.
This is her pedigree:http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/hh+mizinformed

[Image: halter2.jpg]

I think I am going to breed her this spring to our stud Clarktowns Mr Doc
[Image: docnice-1.jpg]
So what do ya think??
Sweetie certainly is a sweet looking mare!
I had to wipe the drool from my chin! She is well put together. Gosh I like her.
[Big Grin]
Has she ever been bred before? You could certainly expect to get a good looking foal from the two of them.
She has never been bred.
Your daughter's horse has some good Quarterhorse breeding. Even her paint ancestors are from good Quarterhorse stock. It's unfortunate that she did not have colour. I saw Shy Prescription, one of your stud's ancestors, sell at auction at the Congress many years ago for $65,000. He was some gorgeous well put together horse. Has had some really great offspring.

Here's hoping that you get a Paint baby with colour. Their selling value should be much higher and somewhat easier to sell in this down market.

Have you decided that your daughter is getting a new horse to show or just going put off showing for the next couple years, during the pregnancy and foal raising?

Nice pictures.[Smile]
No this will still be her show horse but we are trying to plan the foal so its born in early spring--hopefully early March. So she can at least have Sweetie for fair which is in late July. And then maybe Taylor will just show Bullet inhand in the spring or we will just bring the foal to the shows with Sweetie which will also help with selling it and just show in our area, not go to far.
We were actually going to breed her last spring --our stud has only pasture bred and he is very very gentle but Sweetie being a maiden would not let him mount her and as gentle as he is he wouldn't even try --doesn't try until they will allow him too. Then I found out I had a brain tumor so it was actually better she didn't get pregnant! I think we will have to do it in hand this year and may have to hobble her--she is a kicker--just found that out this year--she has never trail rode(has always been a show horse) I took her on a couple trail rides this year and if any horse came on her butt LOOK OUT!!!!! And she even in heat would not let Doc near her back end
She is very pretty, they will make an awesome baby i think. IT will be interesting to see what you do get.