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Full Version: Haflinger
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I know nothing about Haflingers. This is a haflinger mare I am going to look at tomorrow. She is 16 and she rides and drives is 13.3/14 hands. Anyone know about Haflingers? How does she look??
[Image: MitzieKristen1.jpg]
Is she pregnant?
Not that I know of but she did have a foal in July--not sure when the pic was taken
Not that you can see her belly but this is the newer pic of her and her foal

[Image: mitzieandbaby.jpg]
Oh how beautiful!!! I've always been a sucker for a blonde!!!

[Big Grin][Wink]
I don't know much about the breed but that they can be prone to the "Easy keeper troubles" so you have keep an eye on that. She is over weight in both photos, even for a broodmare. Also get a good look at those hindlegs. I think it is just the way is standing but
the right one looks a little odd.

She is cute
Thanks for pointing that out I will be sure to take a good look especially at that leg. I know they said they have not been riding her that is why she is for sale so she is out of shape--and my pasture does not look like that(int he picture) wish it did--I don't know when the pic was taken she may have been pregnant like I said she had a foal in July. I never asked. Silly me thought that might be the way Haflingers were built[Big Grin] See how much I know about them. I think they are cute though and really thing having a horse that is already trained to pull a cart would be great!!!
Here is a link to a Haflinger site. Think they are priced a little high. The Haflinger is built more like a belgin horse, and they make a good family horse as a rule. I don't see anything wrong with this mare, it is hard to judge her in the pictures. What is her reg. name?

Ask to see her harnessed and drove in the cart and if she is traffic safe. Also is she broke to drive both single and double , if she has been worked double which side does she work on, left or right.