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Full Version: Max, a MFT
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Here he is. I know the form is poor, but don't I get points for wearing a helmut? lol

[Image: maxleft1062006.jpg]

[Image: max10620064.jpg]
Oh my, but he's turned into a handsome, boy[Smile][Wink]! How old is he, now, Jill? I think I like him better every time I see him[thumbsup]. Is he going to end up being your main ride for the trails? Can't wait to see him in person[Wink].
He turned 3 the end of June. Barry put 30 days on him for me this spring (at my age paying someone to take the first fall is a wise idea lol)and we have ridden lightly the rest of this summer. These pics were taken at MTR in Oct. while we were doing the extreme cowboy course. He did me proud on his first big trail ride and I do belive he will be my main mount.
He looks a lot like sweethearts dad, a black and white tobaino in our neck of the woods. He is really quite handsome.
He is quite a handsome man! Was the extreme cowboy race during the big fall ride? If so, I just missed you. We were there and left Sunday, the day it was scheduled to start. You had a beautiful week. It rained on us Friday and sprinkled Saturday, and was gorgeous on Sunday. Love the pictures of him growing up! You must have such a self-satisfaction , raising him and now riding him! He sure is handsome!