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Full Version: LikuTrinket
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Here is Trink at about 15 weeks. She's been named Likutrinket. Dam: Likus, 2481002 QH; Sire: Tinky's John Boo APHA.
She's 24/7 turn-out with her mother and my riding mare. That has gone very well, crossing streams multiple times has to be a good thing! Weaning time soon, this photo was 3-4 weeks ago. [img][/img] The dog is Hoover, he is NOT impressed by my horses!
Woops, Next Try![Image: 100_1752.jpg]
That's a great pic, and a very pretty filly. You're gonna have fun keeping those legs nice and white. She has a very pretty head.
She is a real cute little thing
Poor Hoover im thinking he is gunna get chased alot very soon hahahaha
she's a pretty lil girl. She seems like she will be a big girl.
Oh, what a pretty baby! You must be really proud!

I love her markings, when anyone says paint horse that is the type of coat pattern I think of.
Luv them Paints[Big Grin] Beautiful filly.

Keep the pics coming.
Hoover just doesn't know a good thing when he sees it! I have never considered paint horses to be a favorite of mine.(Except the black and whites) but I must admit, the beautiful paints I have seen on this forum has changed my thinking. The markings on all of this forums paints are striking and some are just downright beautiful. I can honestly see myself with a paint someday.[Smile]
Trinket is a nice well balanced baby. Like her colour and pattern as well as her alert ears forward look.
Thank you for the kind comments. This summer passed too quickly, I have enjoyed watching this filly grow. Poor Hoover always lays down outside the fence and waits for me, because the horses see me coming then they come running. He becomes indignant. Trinket would love nothing more than to just snuffle him for awhile, it's one of her goals, and Hoove won't co-operate. Hoover thought he was safe following me into the pasture this day, because he didn't see the horses coming; little did he know.
And those long, white legs...it will probably bother me when they get dirty, but probably not enough to futiley scrub on them looking for white under the green and brown, I don't show, so it would be pointless. I did show a little as a girl until we moved to a working ranch; then we went to work on horses, so I understand the white leg dilemma. Trink will probably just look grimy on grimy days!