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Full Version: Clasy Dols Lil Doc
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Ok I have probably already posted so many pics of him but lets have it!! give me all the honest opinions on the little stinker. He is now almost 5 months old and a colt. His Dam is Appy his Sire is FQHA. He is now about 13 hands and actually jumped over the stall wall yesterday --which is about 4 feet high[:O]
It was raining the day he was suppose to be gelded so he lucked out that day[Big Grin] But will be gelded soon.
And question how difficult is it to actually say how good a babies conformation is??
Anyway here is he my little peanut butter(thats my nick name for him[Wink])
[Image: DSC00630.jpg]
[Image: DSC00639.jpg]
[Image: DSC00636.jpg]
I don't know what happened but it cut off most of the post anyway. This is my colt. He is now almost 5 months old around 13 hands(he actually jumped out of his stall last night-which is about 4 feet high[:O])
I have probably posted most of the pics beforebut please give me the honest truth on his conformation and tell me how hard is it to really tell a young horses conformation????
Here is my little peanut butter(my nickname for him[Big Grin]
[Image: DSC00635.jpg]
Over all he has a pretty good balanced working horse conformation. In the photos he needs to have a bit more weight and more muscle definition be competitive in a halter class. His butt is higher than his withers which is pretty common for a growing foal.

From the pictures it appears that his right front foot is turned out slightly from the knee down and the rear shot shows a bit of turn out on both back feet. It's tough to stand babies square as their joints and ligaments are so flexible at this age. I would have your farrier watch him as he moves and adjust his trim accordingly if required.
In those pics I actually didn't try to stand him square cause they are for registration purposes they want to be able to see all 4 legs.
Thats something I never noticed before I will have to look at him closely tonight and check it out....... farrier has trimmed him twice and will be out again on the 30th also
He's a handsome boy ! : )

Nicely angulated rear. I'd like to see just a big longer back (loin) and maybe a bit more angulation in his shoulders -to better match his rear.