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Full Version: My Guy!
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Hello everyone! It's been awhile. I'm still reading, but haven't had much news to post recently. I bought that little colt I posted about ages ago.

Here he is at 3 or 4 weeks old:

[Image: baby.jpg]

And here he is a couple of days ago, almost 5 and a half months old:

[Image: shineyfour.jpg]

I love him to death but only just named him last week [:I] His barn name is "Ramsay"[Big Grin] Up until then he was just "my handsome little guy" or "hey you" when he was being goofy [Smile] Still working on a registered name, but I have a while. He's a breeding stock paint. Any comments are welcome!
He's a nice lookng colt, ramsay is a good name.
Nicely put together. Good balanced angulation front and back, front legs well under him.

Rear is a bit high but from what I'm learning that is a common stage in young ones that they usually grow out of as they mature.

So can we help with names? I think that's the fun part . : )

Thanks guys! Yup, I'm guessing his rump will be higher than his withers for the greater part of his adolescence. As long as he balances out when he's mature, I'm not worried. If anyone remembers him from before, they'll remember I was also desperate for help with names! Everyone gave great suggestions, I guess I have been hesitating because it's so important. I've had lots of "pets" and named them in a flash, but I have never had one I expected to be around for so many years and to be such a significant part of my life! I like "Ramsay", because I usually end up picking "human" names for my pets (Abby, Benny, etc), and this one isn't too obviously "human". I still need help with a registered name, although I'm in no rush. He was born on April Fool's Day, and Hook suggested "No Foolin" as part of it. I really like that idea, so I'd like to incorporate it somehow. I don't know if I want to/need to include some of his ancestors in this, but his pedigree is at:

Sire: http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/inconclusive+dream

Dam: http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/coosita

Have at it if can come up with anything clever! Any more comments on the photos are welcome too [Smile]
He has some nice bloodlines. Here's a couple of reg names .
ima fool's dream
foolin around dreammaker
inconclusive dream's macho man
HI Danielle. I sure like the changes. I still think he is a very nice looking boy. As our guys grew most would shoot up behind, then in front, and alternate until they are finally beginning to level out as they mature.

I still like "no Foolin'" but I can't think of a Barn Name any shorter. Maybe you can practise using "No Foolin'" until YOU and He like it?[Wink][Smile]
Hey guys! Thanks for the suggestions! Because he's a breeding stock paint, I have until the end of the year to get his papers in for the same price, so I'm not in any big rush. I love the way he's changing. He's no longer a really awkward, gangly looking baby. He actually looks like a horse! I'm sure he'll go through some more awkward phases, but I like the way he's headed. Tomorrow we're going to do some sacking out with big scary towels (in prep for a winter blanket), plastic bags, and maybe a tarp. Then it's trailer loading time! Fun, fun! [Big Grin]
Wow what a cutie!!!
He is really coming along nicely! I like that dark rich sorrel colour. He looks like he is going to be tall, and after looking at the pedigree you posted I see his father is 16 hands.

One thing I did notice when looking at his pedigree is the amount of Impressive horses there. You need to have him checked for the HYPP gene, and if he is N/H, you have to feed him somewhat differently than if he is N/N.

You have a nice baby. I am interested in watching him grow.
Thanks Mrs Hook! I love his colour too [Smile] I used to complain about boring chestnut horses, but I can't help but love him (especially his funny blaze!).

His dad is a big boy indeed, standing 16hh and weighing in around 1350lb. He and Ramsay's maternal grandsire are standing at a paint ranch in Texas now. I hope Ramsay starts showing some upwards growth - he looks a lot taller, but isn't that much in reality! He is definitely getting heavier [Big Grin]

I was worried about all the horrific inbreeding/line breeding they do with these halter horses, especially since Impressive appears on three sides (as far as I can remember). But his sire and dam have both been tested, and are both N/N, so there shouldn't be any risk for him.

He was off his proper feed for just over a week because he ran out and I wasn't there to buy more (and no one made a point to call and tell me, but anyway). It's only been five days between this picture and the one in the first post, and I already notice a difference (ribs, hay belly, etc). Call me crazy! Anyway, he's back on the right feed, so he should be fine [Big Grin] Of course, the first picture was taken on a nice, warm sunny day, and today was kinda overcast and gloomy [Tongue]

[Image: healthyboy004.jpg]