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Full Version: What do you think of him?
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This is a wild horse I am interested in. Anybody have any comments on him? He is a 3year old gelding. I have read that the wild horses can continue to grow through 7! The blue lines on the walls are roughly 14 hands at the lower and 15 hands at the higher, BUT all the horses are sent down in that are and they ALL spin around downd there so there is a hole, AND they guy taking the pictures is over 6' so he is looking down on the line a bit. ALSO you have to take in the fact that the distance from the wall also plays a role in how tall he looks. To me I figure he is probably right close to 14 hands and hopefully will grow a little! One of my friends horses is 14.1 and the other is 14.2, both of those horses are fine sized for me and I figure this guy is probably only and inch or 2 off there size.
Does anyone see any defects I should look into?
Thanks in advance for all your help.
[Image: mustang2.jpg]

[Image: mustang1.jpg]
That is a CLASSIC looking Mustang! He has the really Spanish type head and neck, and I'll bet his legs and feet are tough as iron. You probably will save money on shoes! Conformation wise, he looks wiry and strong...just like a Mustang is supposed to look.

What do you plan to do eventually with him? Are you planning to train him yourself or send him away to a trainer?
I plan to train him myself since I was/am a trainer! I don't intend to show him or anything, we will be living in a mountainous area so I would like him for riding in the mountains! That is part of the reason for getting a wild horse, his confirmation and abilities will be better suited for rough terrain then a stable bread horse I think. I hope he will have good feet, I have read about that! I can't see anything outstandingly wrong, but I do want to see him inperson before I make the decision. I also wanted to let others see him in case I am just too excited and overlooking something obvious!
He looks pretty sturdy and muscular to me, could be a great mountain horse. I guess my only question from the photos would be, is it just a coincidence that he doesn't have weight on the right rear foot in both of them?

AHHHHH!! See now I know why I post! I never even looked at that! There is only 1 picture of him that shows his RR on the ground, don't know if is coincidence or not! Good eye!! Here is the picture of him that has his foot down. IMO this is a terrible picture! I am not a confirmation person so I have been reading up on it and trying to learn more! I am very visual so I would like to have pictures of good horses and bad horses to compare. I read the confirmation document and have learned some from that but I would like to know if there is a site that has pictures for comparison.

[Image: mustang3.jpg]
Mustang Mom
When you go to the main page there is a fellow you can email and ask any questions you might have {Mike Meyers}. Also if you go to this horse's page and click on your secound picture it will come up full size. It looks to me like there is a spot just below the cornetband on his right rear hoof that indicates that he may have graveled and it should not be a problem. I belong to a Mustang group, if you want I can send you the link.
In the first picture he is moving and you can see the dust coming up behind his right rear and in front of his left front. I would tend to think it's just coincidence, but a look in person to see how he moves would help.
Looks like a pretty tough little guy to me.
Nice looking mustang. Very well muscled and I like his face. He had nice bright eyes and there is dust moving in both of the photos so, I'm guessing he was just shifting around.
I like him personally. I would like to see this horse develope...and discover the wondserful actions of a hair brush. [Wink]
Has he been in the saddle program?
Nope no training on him at all! I have spoken with Mike but he is very busy and doesn't have answers to specific questions on specific horses! No worries I will just go look at him myself! I would like to see what a good brush does for him too!! Maybe a nice refreshing bath!! I like the look in his eyes also, I mean there are other horses on the site and believe me I have studied the pictures! I just keep gravitating to this guy! Something in his eyes! Well we shall see. I have to find a corral for him. I think I may have found one that will work BUT I will have to drive about 3 hours to go get it up by Palmdale and Acton!Sheeeeesh! But it may be such a good deal I can't pass up!
Thanks for the comments, I may try to photoshop the pictures for some confirmation lines like Hook did in that sticky post, I know he is not standing ideally but should give me a good guestimation. Now I just need to find a stock trailer! I think I may have gone about this process all backwards!!
Well, if he moves nicely when you see him, I say go for it -- I like the nice square build, big sturdy feet, and you're right, there's something about his face that's just attractive. The RR foot thing could simply be how he was turning in both pictures, but every little thing is worth checking out.

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