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Full Version: conformation analysis for LAURIE
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Hi everybody,

Here is my horse Laurie. I bought her from a reiner trainer...and she came with the long mane so I left it that way. We use her at our ranch for moving cattle and just fun riding. She's cutting bred QH, a granddaughter of both Colonel Freckles and Doc's Solano. Laurie is wonderfully trained and one of the smoothest riding horses I have ever ridden.

Conformation comments appreciated!

Here's one photo...

[Image: DarlinLaurieJuly192005.jpg]
...and here's a side view of Laurie. She's ten yrs old, 15 hands and weighs around 1,200 lbs.

[Image: DarlinLaurieApril2005003LargeWebvie.jpg]

A third photo of Laurie, with my paint gelding Merlin...standing under their favorite tree.

[Image: LaurieandMerlinLargeWebview.jpg]
WOW that is some mane!!! i think both your horses are stunning thats a nice pic of them under the tree they both look like strong horses
Thanks, Spots...yes, they're both strong. Merlin, the Paint, is especially strong...we call him "Arnold Schwartenneger" because of his build. I have always thought he'd make a great roper because I think he could pull a tree out of the ground if he wanted to...but he's so slow and mellow that he'd rather be a pampered pet!
PS - see the posting under "I'm new here and I need help" for more photos and info on Merlin...

Both Laurie and Merlin look to be an excellent example of a good conformation quarter horse.

One thing that really comes out is their overall health and condition. They glow with it, from the shine on their coat to the groomed mane and tails.

I really love Laurie's mane for its length and colour. One of two year olds, Promise has a long mane close to the same colour but not as nice condition. Tell us your secret to keeping it looking so nice.

You close up of Merlin's hip really shows the under lying muscle structure.

Both horses look like they like their groceries and would show even more definition if they were more fit.
The good news is, Laurie and Merlin are both really fit now...that photo was from last summer when the grass was up to their knees and we traveled so much last year I didn't get to ride much. This year they (especially Laurie) are getting ridden almost daily and they are really legged up and fit. They still look just as big, though, from putting on more muscle.

Laurie's mane stays braided, and I think that helps keep it looking nice. A few times I turned her out in the big pasture with it loose and down and she came in that evening with everything from sticks to cactus pieces in it. Never again! I hose her off with each ride, but about once a month I wash her with a gentle shampoo and cream rinse, then I put a TON of Mane N Tail leave in conditioner in her mane. It helps prevent the hairs from breaking, and makes it a lot easier to braid.