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Full Version: I'm new and I have a question!
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Hi everybody, I just discovered this site and am very happy to have found it. I am really into conformation and bloodlines, so this is right up my alley!

I need some help, though. I want to upload a photo of a horse or two for comment...but I can't figure out how to do it. Usually there is a 'browse' button to access photos on my pc, but I see nothing like that. What's the secret?
Hi there, Welcome to the forum.

· Open an account at http://photobucket.com
· Click BROWSE on the add pictures screen and upload your picture from your hard drive. This make take some time depending on the size of your picture file
· When the upload is complete right click on the third line down titled “img” then COPY. With my computer I don’t have to highlight, when I right click all of the required file info is highlighted
· Now go to your post on the forum and put the cursor where you want the picture.
· Right click, PASTE and you are done.
· Good idea to use preview on forum to check size of the picture. If it is too large go back to photo bucket and use the edit function to reduce the size.
· You can also just double click on the uploaded photo in photo bucket after it is uploaded to check the size. If it is too large it makes everyone have to scroll left to right for all of the posts where the picture is present.

Good luck.
OK, this is my first attempt at photo loading, so I am hoping this works!

This is my 7 yr old paint gelding, Merlin. His breeding includes mostly old time foundation QH's, and he is a g-grandson of Jackie Bee as well as a couple of Thoroughbreds including Bold Ruler and Man O War.

Merlin has been a show horse most of his life, and I put him in Western Pleasure, Trail, Pattern Classes and a few Halter classes. He's really smooth riding and willing to please, and we did fairly well. Now we're trying to turn him into a ranch gelding...with limited success. He'd rather do that slow jog and lope than speed up after a cow!

[Image: Merlinconformation.jpg]

Here's another photo of Merlin...

[Image: July2005MerlinonthetrailcloseupII.jpg]
Sorry, that one was huge. I'll work on getting that right!

Anyway, I'd like to hear comments if anybody feels like it.
as i said in your other post i love him. thats what i want a nice slow loper than a crazy horse your lucky to have him (the cows probabley like him 2 lol)
Yes, I think he's definitely a cow's best friend! I agree, I can't stand crazy horses that run off with you either but I wouldn't mind if he did things with just a bit more enthusiasm when I ride. Funny thing is, when he's free he's fast as a racehorse running around the pasture. As soon as I saddle up he slows it down. He learned his Western Pleasure training well, I think!

It really doesn't matter whether a horse is slow or if he's fast. I've ridden both and prefer a horse that is more alert and attentive to things around them. I like a horse that is ready and practically eager to go to work the minute I take him out of the stall. This is the type of horse that loves to do anything that's asked of him and is more ready to do it than a slower laid back type horse that will do what you ask but then is ready to go back to the stall or the pasture.

My kind of horse will do what I ask him to do and is eagerly looking for more. My kind of horse will usually get bored after doing the same thing over & over every day and loves to face new challenges... things that stimulate his mind and gives him something to do.

Some of this can be found in the slower,easy going type, but it's rare. And what it all boils down to is how well trained that horse is regardless if he looks forward to whatever you are going to use him for that day or is satisfied with the normal routine in the round pen. A horse with good manners combined with a wonderful temperament and personality is always a pleasure to ride and to be around regardless if he's a little on the slow side or more the eager, let's-get-the-job-done type... and neither type can be termed "crazy".
I agree with you, alert is better than aloof any day. Merlin is pretty much the opposite in personality and riding style from my reining mare Laurie (her picture is posted on another thread) He would always rather do as little as possible and she seems to actually enjoy every single thing we do. His going slow is partly his training and partly his nature...he's just a big slow moving cadillac and she's my sports car!
Sorry if I offended you, HL. My previous post was aimed at spots remark and not at your horse. I realize that Merlin's problem is his training, since I once trained a horse to pleasure and then turned him into a national level gaming horse. I had trained him so well that he was never to go fast that it took about 6 months to get him to understand that it was okay to run[Tongue]. That's when he turned into the type of horse I was describing in my last post. He loved to run and compete, and was one of the greatest horses I ever had the honor to throw a leg across[Wink].

I'm betting your Merlin can show a little more pep & vigor if you keep asking for it. Good luck[Smile].
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