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Full Version: Bucky and Bud
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[Image: 2006_0608Missy0051.jpg]
This is Bucky I was just wondering what breed you would guess him to be...
[Image: 2006_0608Missy0047.jpg]
This is Bud, He is a workhorse deluxe! We will soon be looking for a new home for him that will give this boy a job!! ( He is very athletic in person)What do you all think of him???I have more pics of him if you want to see him, I think he is beautiful! But I think ALL horses are! LOL

I would love any and all comments!!

Nice looking boys. How come you'll be parting ways with Bud?
I'd take him if I wasnt already selling my horse... they are both very beautiful and very fit.... I like!!!
Beautiful horses!!I don't know what breed Bucky is but I love that breed! I remember Clint Eastwood in a movie with a horse that closely resembles Bucky and I was really admiring his horse.

I bet Bud is "a lot of horse!" Sounds like he has a lot of action with him; my kind of horse. Smile
We love Bud, however he needs more than an occasional trail ride. He is my father-in-laws' horse, and quite tall for most of us. Short legs , short stirrups! LOL My Hubby rides him some but is trying to put hours on a paint that I have posted about earlier days.My F-I-L just bought 2 mules one for him and one for his wife. They are MUCH lower to the ground for their "old" bones (lol) to get up on! So Bud gets left home alot and needs a job! He was a cutting horse and has a neck rein outta this world. He does all that other stuff to, (side pass?,rollbacks,ect) But honestly, I have only been riding a year. I am 26 and new to horses. Even though I have the most time and could be out there on him, I would rather ride a pokey one WinkI am just waiting on F-I-L to tell me a price so I can list him.
What kinds of pics do potential buyers like to see? I have taken a few different ones, but dunno with to put with the listings....

Sorry to have written a book! Haven't had my morning phone call yet! lol gets the rambling outta my system...

Bucky looks to me like an Irish Draft. If not, he may have some Percheron in him. -Shrugs- Call 'em as I see 'em. ^^

They are both beautiful horses. My baby is big too but so calm for a two year old. He has a sleepy walk when people ride him. lol So lazy.
The best type of picture to put on a listing is one taken of the horse's left side, with his ears forward and head up. The one you've posted of Bud on here would do fine. I really like his face. [Big Grin] Gorgeous horses.
Thanks! Mad hatter, Lazy horses arent so bad! I love mine! I just gotta fix the eating problem, my daughter lets them eat and I can tell it... I told her she wouldn't be able to ride mine anymore if I caught her letting him eat!
wow, if your is 2 than still growin room huh?? I am a shorty at 5'3" Bucky is around 15 hh I think, and that is more than plenty for me! I need to get more pics of my daughters horse, I only have fat pics of him, he is so sleek now...
[Image: 2006_0608Missy0062.jpg]
Here is another pic of Bud, He is so beautiful! I really wish I was more of a horseperson, but he is so fast and spins on a dime! Go Go Go!
Please ship Bud to me right away! LOL!
TripleB - I'm about 5'5" and Joke's closing in on 16h. Our trainer told us that he wouldn't be surprised if Joker reached 17hh. [B)] I'll have to get a ladder then. lol
Joke is start to get a little more sleek, though he's still 0on the 'butterball' side. [Wink]
Joker doesn't know the meaning of 'Go! Go! Go!' It takes a lot of encouraging to get him up to a trot. He just kind of wanders along.
Bud looks like he has a beautiful stride to him. ^^
My guess is that Bucky is a TB/draft cross. Bud looks really nice. Is he papered? Sounds like he'd be a good cutting or reining prospect.
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