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Hello from New Zealand.
I would like to show you my 14yr old gelding, "Scottie". He is 15.1hh and his sire was Scottish Prince, Chestnut blanket, born 1980, imp from America in 1982. Dam, Develin Royal Miss, NZ, Black blanket born 1977. Scottish Prince's sire was Prince Plaudit o/o Red Plaudit and Princess Rita.
I am very proud of my boy as he is a brilliant allrounder and is just sooooooo laid back and is a kind and lovely ride. We compete in CTR, Western and just pleasure riding. He is also a family horse with my two girls (age 6 and 3)confidently riding him.
He is a tad overweight as I have had a very bad back and been laid off for a month so he has been turned out. Please everybody, don't try to push your horse trailer by yourself, use your tow vechicle!!!
[Image: IMG_3787.jpg]
He has just had a bath before being clipped for winter. He has just had a belly and lower neck clip so not too drastic.
Cheers everyone, look forward to your comments.
Kiwi Girl.
Hello and welcome to DE! You have a beautiful boy there, Kiwi Girl. I just love all those spots.
I like his legs alot and he has the sweetest face. I hope I'm fortunate enough to be with my Joker for the next 14 years. [8)]
Welcome i just love your boy (but i love appys) i dont think hes fat looks nice and comfy to me. Isnt it great to have a horse you can compete on etc then your kids can ride as well. Hard to find a horse like that you must be very happy with him
Check out the conformation Basics link and see if you can apply it to Scottie. I will be pleased to help you if you run into some problems.


Scottie sure looks like a keeper to me. Nicely balanced well put together horse.
[Big Grin]Thank you for your nice comments.[Big Grin]I am pretty dang proud of him myself. Finally after many bad 'uns, I have a really good, honest horse with whom I could trust with my family and with me out on the trail rides of which I think is a real biggie deal!!!!
To me he has a slightly small, short and lack of topline neck but the rest is georgeous!!!! and he is very cuddly indeed!!![Smile]
Thanks again and I love coming on this site to visit the trail site and see everyone's pictures of them on their rides!
Kiwi Girl.
Oh now that is just the cutest horse!! I really like him and almost everything about him. Balanced, great legs, all the angles are right and what a sweet expression. He just looks like a good boy! He looks like he has sort of flat withers, but it might just be fat Smile Does your saddle ever slip or roll?
Yes, I can tell by looking at him that your saddle would roll that way. Have you tried the tacky type pad? That might help a little.

He sure is a sweetie, though, that sort of horse is worth their weight in gold as a babysitter. I wish I had one as a guest horse!
Red Hawk I went to the site but couldn't find the info on the book. Did I miss something? Thanks
Originally posted by tazassape

Red Hawk I went to the site but couldn't find the info on the book. Did I miss something? Thanks

There is a pic of the book right on the home page. It's right under "FAHR Merchandise". There are two Appaloosas on it facing each other. If you click on the "book", it should give you information and an order form if you are interested in purchasing it. This book is huge and has hundreds of photographs and little known information about the Appaloosa and the breed's history. It's full of chapters on the early breeders and has in depth looks at the early foundation horses of the ApHC. The first time I heard about it and saw the price, I thought it was very expensive. But then I saw a copy of it at a friend's house, and my check was in the mail. Most of us who are devoted to FAHR and the Foundation Appaloosa consider it our "bible"[Smile].

Let me know if you have any more questions, and it might be a good idea to email me privately if you do. I already feel like we've hijacked Kiwi's topic[Wink].
Thanks Red Hawk I found it. Sorry Kiwi Girl. [:I]
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