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Whinny is a 7 year old mare. She's jumped up to 3'6 and is competing in the 3' hunters. She could pack a junior around, very honest over fences and doesn't care about whatever's under the jump. She has quite a few show miles only lacking because of my lack of money. She is an easy keeper. Loves to be ridden and likes to please. These are pictures of her at her first show of the year this year (beginning of May 2006)in the 3' hunters.
Thanks for any input,
Bridgette and Whinny[Big Grin]
Whinny, welcome to the forum!
Beautiful horse. Looks like she has very good form going over the jumps. Is that you riding her? What breed is she?
That is me riding her, she is a Thoroughbred, but I'd like an appraisal not based on the fact that Thoroughbred's are so common.
Check out the conformation Basics link and see if you can take some good side view pictures and apply it to Whinny. I will be pleased to help you if you run into some problems.


Whinny sure looks good over the jumps.
Welcome to DE, Whinny. Really liked that last photo. Do you have any shots with her in hand? It would help with giving appraisal feedback.

I do, http://spaces.msn.com/bridgette28/Photos...px?owner=1 there are 3 of her, she wouldn't stand the best because she was a little spooked because of this barge they brought up the river. She looks very tall![Smile]
Also, I'll have some more pictures that are current, and some on the flat tomorrow because my dad's coming out to watch my lesson, and he's a professional photographer.[Big Grin]
Anyone got anything?
Originally posted by Whinny28

Anyone got anything?

Hi Bridgette;

Your link pulled up some more jumping type pictures but I rummaged around and found the conformation pictures.

Try to use the conformation basics as a reference to develop your sense of conformation.

In my opinion Whinny is very well put together with a good profile, nice head and neck, trim underline and good shoulder and hip angle that match and are balanced. Her legs provide a good foundation for her size. She looks to have a good temperament and her conformation for smooth movement was captured in your jumping photos.

If you check her back leg profile in the photos you should notice that her back legs are slightly ahead of ideal but so minor that it probably aids herin being able to collect and move forward from behind.

You have a very nice horse.
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