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Full Version: Andalusian Cross Mare
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Well I hate this to be my first post to the forum, but I need some opinion. For insurance purposes I would like a suggestion of value for my mare.

Meg is a 5 year old palomino Iberian Warmblood
Sire: Guapo Lucero, bay, quarter horse x lusitano
- I don't know alot about him, other then he's gorgious and carries much of the lusitano characteristics, he does have small testicals but it doesn't seem to affect his potency although he's only been used small scale, and this is a trait he's passed on to his offspring
Dame: Certeza, palomino, thoroughbred x andalusian
- Certezas dame was an unregistered thoroughbred, her sire was a fairly famouse dun adalusian ROMANO... she is registered, a great breeder/foaler, with a few health problems related to poor care & managment

I bought her at $4500 bc the owner was moving (lucky me!!) her full brother (gelded & a bay) was under saddle and sold for $13 000 a few months earlier. He carries many of the andalusian characteristics meg also shows (the long tail everyone loves & nice headset) but his movements can not match the awe-inspiring beauty that meg acheives.

And when I say meg is a good mover - I'm not just being proud; she doesn't look like much when you get her out of the barn, but she's got reach some 10 year old dressage horses still can't match & she's never been trained dressage. She can also jump 3" easily from a standstill (gave us a little demonstration on a refusal before I bought her) - and arches beautifully and tucks nicely, and LOVES to jump. Meg is fluid, transients easily from and within gates - although her canter is still unbalanced. Meg's head carriage also needs a little work, but not much at all.

Cintilação (meg) is started under saddle, very very green, but if I was to sell her she would be finished at least for ground work and probably started over fences.

She's boss mare with alot of attitude, an absolute angel around her trainers but as soon as I leave she gets hot-headed and difficult (a.k.a. left her in someone else's care when I went to get a brush and she came VERY close to booting a barn dog down the isle even though she's lived with them all her life). Meg's been outside every winter since her birth, but takes fine to being in a stall.

Meg only faults (as far as I see them) are slightly in back legs, and a not-so-great shoulder. Remember she's being trained as my hunter mount.

Meg will (hopefully soon) be double registered under the International Lusitano & Andalusian Association (as a half-bred) or the International Iberian Warmblood Association. Although I can't remember if I can double register with these associations (but I think I can...)

Meg trailors well but the scar on her nose in the photos is from her bumping it in transient. Her winter coat is very beige but her summer is a brillaint gold.

When I go to register her I'll look into it more carefully but this is what allbreedpedigree's THINKS her pedigree is - I KNOW that up to her grand-horses is correct

[Image: megtrot.jpg]

more photos
Guapo Lucero (Sire)
Certeza (Dame)
Meg in Field
Meg in Field 2
Meg Head Shot

Hi, welcome to the forum.

I know nothing about the price of Andalusian crosses. My thought is to do a search on Equine.com or engage a licenced appraiser.

In Canada you can only insure a horse for what you paid for him or for the value given by a certified horse appraiser.

Nice looking mare.
Thanks for the suggestion hook - I already looked around for similar horses, the closest I found were all around $8000, but the closest horse was gray & did not *look* andalusian (which can be pretty important when you're selling the horse - people are so superficial! Big Grin).

I'm not asking soley for insurance purposes, I'm also trying to get a loan - long story short, I need to know if it's worth haveing her appraised (i.e. her worth is significantly higher then what I paid for her). To have her appraised though, any idea how much that might cost me?

I'm also thinking about breeding her next fall, maybe to a thoroughbred to keep the foals light, and again before i start looking into stallions I need to weigh her worth.

I'm not very familiar with andy crosses either - they don't show up all that often. From my limited experience they tend to go for quite a bit higher then other crosses, people love andalusians for their romantic appeal but purebred are very expensive.

It might be hard to tell what your horse is worth for insurance purposes. I had my paint imsured for a few years, and they based it on what I paid for him along with what training he had received. And I had to prove both with documentation.

Your mare has some good breeding and some 'unknown'...I am not sure how that works in the Spanish breeds world or in Warmblood world. I know Warmbloods are popular right now, but does pedigree matter to people buying them? What I mean is, does having a couple of famous ancestors balance out the fact that a few generations back she has an 'unknown' in there? That is the sort of thing you might want to check into. Ask some experts in Spanish breeds and Warmbloods.

Also, there are services that will appraise your horse and give you a documented appraisal. Do a Google search under Horse Appraisal. I think it's pricey, though...so you'd need to decide whether that cost would be worth it or not in the long run.

PS - She sure is pretty!