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Full Version: Gabriel
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Training gaps or not, he's still a wondeful horse. He's a 5 year-old TNW gelding, the product of an accidental breeding between mother and son. He was a premi and because of that his hooves are deformed (They're completely flat on the bottom). I know he lacks muscle right now, but what do you think?

December 05'

Spring 06' (New set of tack)
Gabe is gorgeous, and TALL. Glad to see you wear a helmet when you ride. Bay is my all-time favorite color. He looks to be nicely balanced and well-fed. Do you keep shoes on him?
He had shoes before, but doesn't now. His hooves are exceptionaly weak (From his premature deformaty) and I want to keep shoes off of him for as long as possible.
He is a nice looking horse. looks like you are having fun with him.

I would be interested in learning more about his feet and how a premature birth would affect them. Our Lottie was born 20 days early but has not had any residual affects.

I would appreciate it if you could post some pictures we could understand more about the problem.

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Here are the pics:

[Image: 100_0034.jpg]

[Image: Gabe.jpg]

Good looking TWH. He looks like a poster child for the breed...that is just what a TWH is supposed to look like. I'll bet he bobs his head when he walks!

I'd love to see a closeup photo of those feet if you get a chance.