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Full Version: Easter Champ Bonanza
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I meant that since I was planning on selling the foal I wanted to shoot towards the hot lines in barrel racing. While his get and grand get are great and good at many things he normally isn't one of the first that pop up when talking about barrel lines with a bunch of people that do only barrel racing.
Coal is absolutely gorgeous. Wonderful conformation. I'd keep her as a brood mare. Breed her to a really great stud and you'll have a mighty fine foal.
Here is a Picture of Skip Zan Par. Coal's Breeding on the bottom side is sure strong running horse breeding. How about Zan Par Deck - he is a Zan Par Bar Barrel stallion. Pretty hard to beat Frenchman's Guy foals barrel records. Decision's decisions but you have a year to pick your perfect match.

[Image: Zan20063copy.jpg]
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