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Full Version: The love of my life. Any thoughs or comments?
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Pictures of Finn. I know they're not great confirmation pics, but any thoughts or comments would be appreciated. [Smile]

These pictures were taken when he first arrived here about six weeks ago. Since then he's gained muscle and lost his winter coat. I'll have to take some updated pictures at some point... [|)]

[Image: P3190018.jpg]

^^Isn't he adorable? [Big Grin]

[Image: P3190013.jpg]


[Image: P3190156.jpg]

[Image: P3190006.jpg]

Sorry I couldn't make them smaller...I tried, lol.

Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated. He's a four year old registered paint, somewhere around 13.3-14 hands. [Big Grin]
To get a really good picture of him, to show his conformation, have him stand still and take a picture of his left side. [Smile]

I think he's pretty. I've always liked paints. At the trainer's, where my baby's at now, there's a paint stallion up there who has the cutest little white 'heart' mark on his rearend. It's a larger mark over and under his tail, but gets thin as it goes down the inside of is thighs. I call him 'Pale Cheeks'.[Big Grin]

From the pictures, he seems to have a nice, short back. I like his coloring too. ^^ I love that first picture, it's so cute.

well ithink hes cute but as for comformation etc you will have to see what the others say as i have no idea lol either way as long as you love him what does it matter
Hard to judge conformation form the photos, but he looks like a nicely built strong horse with a very nice temperament.