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Full Version: Critique my Mare's Conformation-Video Clip!
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I would like people to critique my mare's conformation and to guess her breed. I know what breed she is, but I want to know what people think she is.

I will include a video link and pictures.

[Image: PICT0261.jpg]
[Image: 5261c6de.jpg]
[Image: 993b56b8.jpg]
[Image: 7d7e06e2.jpg]

Hey, welcome to the DE forum. Beautiful mare you have. I'm no expert on conformation, so I'll not try to critique, but she's a nice looking horse. Appears to be in good condition. Here's a wild guess... is she a gaited breed, like maybe a Missouri Foxtrotter?

I liked your photobucket album, too. Nice winter pictures. I noticed your trailer says Minnesota on the side. Are you from Minnesota? Have vacationed there many times, up in the Ely area. Beautiful state.
Also, congratulations on the pregnancy!! Hope you are able to keep horsin' around with the little one on the way!
Thank you. This is my first post!! Yes, I'm from MN. It is a very pretty state. We used to take family vacations in Ely.

Nope not a gaited horse.

Anyone else?
Morgan is partially correct in her very distant pedigree.
I'm guessing Paso Fino.... and welcome![Big Grin]
LOL!!! Not Paso Fino. She is mostly a mix of two common ungaited breeds.
She is 1/4 arab. She does have a hint of morgan back there, but her sire was purebred of one breed not guessed.
I'll give you a hint! It's a colored breed.
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