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Full Version: just interested in thoughts on my old appy
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[Image: crystal5.jpg]hi just for interest sake this is my baby that i had to sell 2 years ago to me she was the nicest laid back horse ive met (abit spoilt oops) i got her as a weanling and we had many good times (and first times) i had never done western riding (was just a self taught rider)never ever been to shows etc etc. i took her to my trainer (i picked her as she used to show my girls mum when she was a young girl)who rang me a week later wanting to know what im going to do with her as she was very good etc. so i am wondering what your opinions are as i guess there are different ideas etc on horses between countries.[Image: chrystal.jpg]the first pic is her in her second week of being broken in the smaller one is at her first real show
Very nice looking mare. Nicely balanced. Why did you sell her?
marriage breakdown first then also as i wasnt doing her justice i actually sold her to the trainer. she has just competed at the Nationals over her and did very well. She is in foal at present and i would solove to have her back
I had one of those marriage breakdowns, too. Husband said, "It's me or the horse"....Well, eight years later and I still have my horse. ;o)

She looks very good in her show pic. I bet she did very well at the Nationals. What is she bred to?
Nicely balanced, well proportioned mare. Does not look old to me.

Saddle looks real comfy.
Hi appygirl yes she did very very well she took out overall performance horse but it seems this is the last nationals im not a hundred percent sure i think she has a hoof problem which is making her travel not quiet right (will find out more) The stallion s name is Something Hot dont know anything about him i think he had not lnog come over here from over there.

Hi Hook in the first pic she was two i had just gone to see how she was going and i had a ride of her. i could not beleive the slow movement of her she put up with a lot from me thanks everyone for the opinions