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Full Version: NBHA Show Yesterday
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Local shows are cranking up. Got off work yesterday at 8am. Got home, loaded up kids and ponies and off to the races we went.
1 of local districts had a fund raising show at our club.
Had a good turnout.
150 exhibitions
100+ horses in the open division
51 in the youth division

Here is 1 picture worth a 1000 words as to how Matt's day went.
[Image: HPIM0803.jpg]

His pony just didn't want to turn today.[Sad]
Morgan did have a better day and finished 3rd in the 3rd division for the youth.[Big Grin]
Here are some more pics from yesterday.
[Image: HPIM0798.jpg]
[Image: HPIM0800.jpg]
[Image: HPIM0797.jpg]
[Image: HPIM0802.jpg]
Thanks for sharing the day. Great photos, Like the expressions to capture the mood(s). Helmets are good. Ring looks just super.

I am really itching for spring to get here.
Oh, poor kid! His turn in the photo looks good though!

Giddy, looks dry there like Spring may actually come!
Great photo's.That is what horses are about,involve the kid's.Every top rider started just like that.Good luck
Sorry about Matt's day but even an off day with a horse is better than no day with a horse!

Great pics!
Thanks for the replies.
Yea Bones it is dry around here, too dry. Have not had any rain to speak of since Feb. Some places got a few showers Sat. night but we did not get any at home. We went from mud to dust real quick. With all the wind; we have had quite a few red flag days for brush fires.
I hope April will bring those spring showers or there won't be any May flowers.[Wink]