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Full Version: Newbie- Joker
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here's my boy, hes 6 or 7, not registered, we like to say he's paint appy arabian... since we have to clue and he is just so odd.
the pictures go from oldest to newest. We think he is 15.1 maybe 15.2... never sticked him. and dont know his past except for the time i've had him. ANY comments are welcome!!!!

[Image: n44006722_30023065_6758.jpg]

[Image: jokerolddd.jpg]

[Image: jokernewco.jpg]
Any horse that will polocrosse is a good one no matter the breeding. Looks like you have a lot of fun.
Agree with above! Wow, the pic with the rainbow...one in a million! Beautiful horse!
That picture with the rainbow almsot looks like a digital rendering... O_O Pretty boy. ^_^
no the rainbow is real it had just poured ,she only took the power lines out,